Cabinetry for the Kitchen

Kitchen Functionality

Kitchen Functionality & Design Functionality & design within your workspace is key to efficiency. There is a significant difference between a house and a home. A house is simply a collection of rooms under one roof. A home is the feeling derived from enjoying the house. Within a home, the kitchen is often the place where everyone gathers to make memories. Whether it’s everyday activities like doing homework or grabbing coffee on the way out the door or traditions like baking cookies at Christmas or toasting pumpkin seeds during the fall, the kitchen is a world of possibilities when it comes to enjoying the little things in life. To make the most of a kitchen, one must also consider functionality. If space is disorganized, cluttered, or significantly dated, enjoying oneself may be impossible. Several components make up the comprehensive functionality of a kitchen. If you’re building a new home or

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Types of Storage Solutions for Bedrooms

Cabinets that fit your lifestyle

When selecting cabinets for your kitchen, you need to ensure their functionality fits your lifestyle. There is a process when it comes to cabinet selection. The Braemar designers can fully assist you throughout the journey, but until you meet with a designer, below are some helpful tips and a series of steps to get you started. Consider budget: You may see cabinets on HGTV or Pinterest that you love, but that doesn’t mean those cabinets will fit within your budget. A number of factors are considered when thinking about cabinet cost. Industry stats indicate that cabinets make up approximately 50% of your overall kitchen renovation budget. The best way to stay within budget is to set the umbrella amount for the entire renovation then take half of that and spend it on cabinets. This will leave you enough money to make the other changes you desire. Choose a cabinet door

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Kitchen Cabinet Options for Storage and Display

Cabinets make up a significant component of any kitchen and while we want them to be beautiful, we also need them to be functional. If selected correctly, kitchen cabinets offer homeowners ample storage and help alleviate organizational stress. Consider these tips when pondering kitchen cabinet options for storage and display. The perfect pantry: We use the word “perfect” as a relative term because what’s perfect for one person may be different for another. Nonetheless, we all have an image in our mind of what would create the perfect pantry. Maybe that’s a well-organized, walk-in pantry or a slender, deep pantry. Whatever you preference, most people desire and need a pantry in their kitchen. Utensil drawers: This includes the traditional utensil drawer that organizes forks, knives and spoons. This type of drawer will probably always be needed, although modern inserts make storage much savvier than the days of old. Along with

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6 Types of Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen layouts run the gamut from small and cramped to large and expansive. Whether you’re working with an existing kitchen or building one from the ground up, the layout can make a difference in terms of functionality and enjoyment. There are several standard kitchen layouts. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, it’s important to know distinctions between the types and tips for redesigning each type. Galley kitchen: Galley kitchens are long and narrow with base cabinets, wall cabinets, appliances and other functional elements on one or both walls. This creates an abundance of organization and work areas despite minimal square footage. Galley kitchens are popular with professional and home chefs because it maximizes efficiency by keeping everything close together. Some galley kitchens are symmetrical and some are asymmetrical. This is an important decision to make early on as it will affect the scale and scope of your project. If

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The Best Time of Year to Renovate a Kitchen

Have you noticed how the kitchen becomes the gathering spot no matter the occasion? The kitchen has been described as the heart of the home. It’s where conversations are had, food is shared and memories made. Often times, however, there is something about our kitchen that annoys or frustrates us, elements that inhibit us from utilizing this space to its full potential and our own desires. When that happens, a renovation is necessary. In considering a renovation, there are factors that determine when the best time of year is to renovate. 1). Lifestyle: If you’re a very active person year-round, time of year may not be a huge factor but if you are more active during the spring and summer months, this may be a great time for a renovation. If you’re routinely out and about enjoying leisure hobbies and activities, having construction workers in your home would not be

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Kitchen Remodel

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets

Cabinets make up a significant component of any kitchen. Homeowners need to consider both style and functionality, but choosing the right kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little planning and professional design help, selecting cabinets for your kitchen can be a fun and interesting experience. The Braemar team offers several tips and suggestions when it comes to choosing the right kitchen cabinets for you and your family.  Budget: As with any part of a home renovation, you’ll need to consider your budget. A kitchen renovation can be more expensive than other rooms in a home and cabinets often make up the bulk of the expense. There are a few key ways you can save money while still improving the look of your cabinets. If your cabinets are in good shape structurally, you can have them professionally painted or replace the doors and hardware to make them

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Summer fun with an outdoor kitchen

The dog days of summer have truly arrived and with summertime comes outdoor fun and entertainment. Are you a person who loves inviting family, friends and colleagues over for an evening of grilling out, cocktails and music? If so, an outdoor kitchen is for you. This fun atmosphere is a hot trend right now but in our minds, it’s something that will withstand time. For centuries, people have cooked and entertained outdoors. While this type of space takes some thought and planning, the rewards are well worth the effort. Below are tips from the Braemar designers about creating the prefect outdoor kitchen. 1. Plan your layout: Don’t begin planning your outdoor kitchen willy-nilly. Make sure you have a plan that coincides with your landscape, lifestyle, entertaining goals and home architecture. The Braemar designers are highly skilled at designing every space in a home. And it’s especially fun to design an

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Kitchen Redesign

Top reasons to hire a kitchen designer

A kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where family and friends congregate for both intimate gatherings and large occasions. When renovating, kitchen planning can be daunting, to say the least. There are numerous factors when it comes to renovating this essential space. Many homeowners feel they can plan, design and purchase materials on their own but the fact of the matter is, a kitchen designer will make your life so much easier. Below we offer top reasons to hire a skilled professional when remodeling your home. Reasons to hire a kitchen designer Saves time: Designing and renovating a kitchen requires hours of phone calls, sketching, measuring, material selections, negotiating and more. Designers are efficient and skilled at these tasks, and when these things are taken care of by someone else, you have time to work, play and enjoy the remodeling experience. Saves money: Ironically, homeowners try and save

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Patterned Kitchen Back Splash

Hot trends in kitchen renovation

Home renovation is an ever-evolving topic and industry. Designers and homeowners alike love to play with styles, colors and layouts to create a new and fun look. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen, a bathroom or another space in your home, today’s options for redesigning your home are limitless. Today on the Braemar blog, we share what’s hot in the world of kitchen renovation. 1). Mix & match appliances: Gone are the days where every appliance needs to be the same. It’s common to find stainless steel in the same space as a black or red appliance. Folks are being adventurous these days with their stoves, fridges and other appliances. Not only does this make a space more edgy, it adds color and dimension as well. 2). Gray beauty: Gray has become the new white when it comes to kitchen renovation. White cabinets are still very popular with today’s homeowners, but

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Living Room Design

5 Top Reasons Every Kitchen Needs Natural Lighting

When renovating your kitchen, there are many decisions to be made. From cabinetry to paint color to hardware and more, homeowners spend a significant amount of time making choices. No matter the bells and whistles you desire, “natural lighting” should be on everyone’s list. While the market offers numerous lighting options these days, nothing compares to the warm, inviting light of sunshine. So when making your other decision, try and incorporate or maximize natural light as much as possible. On the Braemar blog today, we offer five reasons to include natural lighting in your kitchen. 5 Top Reasons Every Kitchen Needs Natural Lighting 1). Aesthetically pleasing: This one is a no-brainer. Walk into a kitchen laden with glorious sunshine or one hidden away in a dark corridor and most would agree the first kitchen is the more beautiful of the two. Sunlight dancing off kitchen counters, appliances, and surfaces is

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Designer for Braemar Cabinetry

When it comes to incorporating cabinetry into your space, we know our stuff! We believe it is time for us to share our knowledge with the world and inspire others to turn their house into a home by maximizing the space you have through design, renovation, and expansion. Whether you are looking for the latest trends and styles, advice on how to select cabinets, solutions for space planning or just general cabinetry  knowledge, we have got you covered.  Have a question not answered in our blogs, feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help!