Types of Storage Solutions for Bedrooms

The bedroom should be a place for rest and relaxation, but this can be challenging if clutter is taking over every corner and surface. First and foremost, homeowners think about adequate storage in kitchens and bathrooms, but bedrooms should not be forgotten. When organization is considered, the bedroom can be exactly what it’s intended for, a space for connection and reprieve. Below we offer some advice on the different types of storage solutions for bedrooms. Floating shelves: This type of shelving, often placed above the bed or on an empty wall, is perfect for small bedrooms with limited floor space. They also offer a place to put those special items you want to hold keep. Books, candles, lamps and plants can be placed on floating shelves and offer beautiful, colorful décor for any room. Elevated nightstand: An elevated nightstand is helpful because it offers a space below the drawer for

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Kitchen Cabinet Options for Storage and Display

Cabinets make up a significant component of any kitchen and while we want them to be beautiful, we also need them to be functional. If selected correctly, kitchen cabinets offer homeowners ample storage and help alleviate organizational stress. Consider these tips when pondering kitchen cabinet options for storage and display. The perfect pantry: We use the word “perfect” as a relative term because what’s perfect for one person may be different for another. Nonetheless, we all have an image in our mind of what would create the perfect pantry. Maybe that’s a well-organized, walk-in pantry or a slender, deep pantry. Whatever you preference, most people desire and need a pantry in their kitchen. Utensil drawers: This includes the traditional utensil drawer that organizes forks, knives and spoons. This type of drawer will probably always be needed, although modern inserts make storage much savvier than the days of old. Along with

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Storage for Kitchens

Enhance your kitchen with adequate storage

During the pandemic, people have stayed home more than ever before. The COVID-19 era is allowing individuals to assess what is important in their worlds. Additionally, homeowners are evaluating their living spaces and access to adequate storage, or lack thereof. During the heat of quarantine and after, many people stretched their culinary prowess and enjoyed trying new recipes. To feel successful as a home chef, it’s helpful to have a kitchen that is well organized. Modern cabinetry offers a realm of possibilities when it comes to savvy elements or add-ons. Below are some of the most popular storage amenities in today’s kitchens. Acrylic drawer organizers: These unique drawer inserts are made from ¼” clear acrylic and are built to a drawer’s dimensions. Customers can select a design or create their own. The benefit to this insert is the acrylic is dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned and sterilized. Custom

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Reduce stress with these 5 home organization tips

For years, studies have indicated clutter as a significant source of stress in people of all ages. An organized outer world stimulates an inner calm, so it would behoove us to stay neat and tidy, both on the grand scale and the small. Essentially, when your home is clean and organized, you feel happier and more in control. But as we all know, this is easier said than done. The hustle and bustle of everyday life doesn’t lend itself well to keeping a home structured and well-kept. The team at Braemar has developed a list of tips and tricks to keep your home organized and ultimately reduce your stress level. Tips to say organized Assess the situation: Before getting started, take a look around your home. What areas or rooms seem to be causing the most stress or interfering  with your daily life and happiness. Make a long list of

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Storage Solutions for Home

8 Tips to Maximize Creativity in Your Craft Room

Being savvy in the DIY world has become trendy over the past decade. This has led to a resurgence of crafting. Many of our grandmothers and mothers are skilled at knitting, quilting, sewing, needlepoint, and other creative tasks. Now there’s a new generation talented at these same creative skills and additional ones, such as monogramming and scrapbooking. It appears the concept of living simply is re-emerging and along with that, families and individuals again enjoy making their own clothing, decorations, gifts, and other items. Additionally, the worlds of blogging and social media have ignited a community of DIY gurus. There are thousands of folks on their keyboards and behind camera lenses each day sharing tricks and tools for being artsy and creative. No longer is a lengthy class or workshop needed; a quick Pinterest search offers all the information we need to create whatever we want. With arts and crafts

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Storage Cabinetry for Office

Stay Organized During the Back-to-School Hoopla

The back-to-school season is in full swing all over the country. From billboards to commercials to community events, everyone is promoting this fun and exciting time of year. With that being said, the start of school can quickly feel chaotic if a family doesn’t stay on top of things at home. A great way to ensure everyone feels calm during this season is to use storage units and cabinets to sort, store, and organize school supplies, backpacks, sports gear, paperwork, and other items. Below are a few tips to stay organized as your students begin a new school year. Utilize a Drop-Off Zone All children need a place to drop backpacks, sports gear, band instruments, and other items as soon as they walk in the door. Some homes have a mudroom that’s great for this purpose. Other families use the garage if it’s directly adjacent to a living space. If

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Make Gardening Easier with Storage Solutions

It’s that gorgeous time of year where flowers and produce are blooming all over the place. Those tiny tomato and cucumber buds we planted in early May are beginning to sprout delicious fruits and flowers. Whether you’re one who plants very little each year or you’re a person who spends days planting a number of seeds and buds, gardening is an undertaking. Like any other hobby or activity, gardening is easier when one is organized and has necessary tools and supplies nearby. Real Simple magazine offers several tips for newbies and experienced gardeners to make the process more efficient and simple. Following these suggestions will greatly increase your likelihood of gardening bliss. 1). Know your region: Contrary to popular belief, not everything grows everywhere. Find out what grows best in your region and decide on several options. 2). Test your soil: You can do this by sending a sample to

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Let Storage Solutions Help You Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Does your family strive to reduce, reuse and recycle? If so, kudos to you! It’s a well-known fact that our earth is a finite resource, so the more people taking care of it, the better. Whether it’s oil, natural gas, or fresh water, there’s only so much to go around. Additionally, pollution and waste that never biodegrades also contributes to the decline of our earth’s natural bounty. With all of that being said, thousands of people are still not reducing, reusing and recycling. If you’re one of those people, the team at Braemar can help you, and if you are already working to protect our earth, we can make your efforts more efficient. But first, we want to share some interesting points as to why some people are still choosing not to recycle. Top Reasons Many People Don’t Recycle No personal incentive It’s inconvenient Lack of desire to be “green”

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Braemar Showcases Masterbrand Cabinets: Schrock

At Braemar, we represent the absolute best in kitchen cabinets. We partner with Masterbrand to provide our clients with quality products. Currently, we offer cabinetry from Schrock, Decora′ and KitchenCraft. While each brand presents a different style, all three are renown in the industry and honor a tradition of manufacturing well-crafted, highly-functional products. Throughout a series of upcoming blog posts, we’ll feature each of our three brands. Today we highlight Schrock,  a leader in schrock cabinetry founded in 1961. For five decades, this brand has manufactured stunning cabinets with skill and care. The Schrock legacy begins five decades ago when two brothers from a town in Arthur, Illinois had a vision to manufacture kitchen and bathroom cabinets with the same handcrafted care as their Amish neighbors. Schrock Brothers Manufacturing was then formed, and while the name has changed to Schrock Cabinetry, the brand is still committed to the excellence of

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Tiny Home, Huge Storage

Owning a beautiful home with many rooms and square footage aplenty has always been part of the American Dream. But a modern movement is changing the landscape of real estate and new home construction. Many people now desire homes that are small but efficient, homes that do not require a huge footprint but still offer all that a person or family needs. If you’ve ever seen the show Tiny House Nation, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Of course, some of those houses are insanely small and could never accommodate a family of four or more, but the ‘bigger is not always better’ philosophy embraced by the show is catching on. With the popularity of the show consistently growing, it seems the viewing public is intrigued with this phenomenon. When it comes to current homeowners, people want to go smaller for a number of reasons. 3 Reasons for a

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