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Types of Storage Solutions for Bedrooms

Types of Storage Solutions for Bedrooms

The bedroom should be a place for rest and relaxation, but this can be challenging if clutter is taking over every corner and surface. First and foremost, homeowners think about adequate storage in kitchens and bathrooms, but bedrooms should not be forgotten. When organization is considered, the bedroom can be exactly what it’s intended for, a space for connection and reprieve. Below we offer some advice on the different types of storage solutions for bedrooms.

Floating shelves: This type of shelving, often placed above the bed or on an empty wall, is perfect for small bedrooms with limited floor space. They also offer a place to put those special items you want to hold keep. Books, candles, lamps and plants can be placed on floating shelves and offer beautiful, colorful décor for any room.

Elevated nightstand: An elevated nightstand is helpful because it offers a space below the drawer for storage. You can get creative with a lovely bin or lidded basket that hides whatever is inside.  Even clothing items such as undergarments, socks or bathing suits are well suited for this type of storage space.

Underbed bins: People have stored items under the bed for centuries, but often times, things are shoved haphazardly under the bed frame. These days, you can find decorative underbed bins that not only offer storage but also add to the room’s overall look. These types of bins are easy to pull in and out.

Platform storage beds: As opposed to underbed bins, you can also opt for a 2 in 1 storage/bed combination with a storage platform bed. This is a raised bed with built-in drawers underneath. This type of bed is great for small bedrooms and studio apartments. As an added bonus, the drawers are so large, they can fit items such as coats, sweaters and extra comforters.

Freestanding wardrobe: Lack of closet space is a common issue, especially if you live in an older or a small home. If you do not have enough room for your clothes in the closet, a freestanding wardrobe would be a good addition to the bedroom. They offer ample storage space, often with a hanging section and drawers.

Storage bench: Storage benches are not only popular because they offer extra room for storage but also because they’re decorative and can be used for seating when putting on shoes and socks. Storage benches come in all types of colors and materials. They are often placed at the foot of the bed.

Open case bookshelves: This type of shelving is great for vertical spaces. Some people use them in place of a nightstand for bedside storage or it can be used solely for décor items and books. They come in all styles from classic to mid-century to contemporary.

Window seat drawers: Many bedrooms include a window seat. The bottom of the seat is most likely empty space. If drawers are not already built in, adding some is a relatively inexpensive project. With the addition of drawers, the window seat not only offers a place for relaxing but also extra storage.

There are numerous ways to get creative when it comes to bedroom storage. No matter the room, outer order brings inner calm, and the bedroom should always be a place with a calming vibe. The Braemar designers are highly skilled at working with your existing space to create the room you’ve envisioned.

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