Custom Cabinetry Showroom for Kitchen and Bath


Inadequate storage and organization will drive any homeowner crazy. Without appropriate planning and space, piles of paper, school projects, clothing and other items can quickly pile up on counter tops, tables and beds. Cabinet manufacturers are savvier than ever when it comes to storage options as part of their cabinetry lines. Modern cabinets offer a realm of storage possibilities. While the exterior provides aesthetic appeal and beauty, the inside can offer space and organization for any room in the home.

As part of Braemar’s design process, we ask our clients what’s frustrating about their current space and many homeowners say they don’t have enough room to store everything. We’ve got good news. If storage and organization are two things you need in your newly renovated room, we can easily incorporate that desire into the design plan. Whether it’s cabinetry that offers storage or a completely separate storage unit, we have the storage solutions you need.  Call Braemar today to get started on your new space.