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Types of Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, the options seem endless. Not only do you have to decide on shape, size and color, but then you have to make choices regarding door types and styles. It’s fun to think about design, but at the same time it can be overwhelming. We recommend utilizing a kitchen designer who is trained in helping clients navigate the vast selection. Also, there are cabinet types and door styles. If you’re renovating your kitchen or building a home, you’ll have to make a decision on each. Recent stats indicate the price of new cabinets for an average kitchen can run anywhere from $2,000 to $26,000 with most projects ranging somewhere between $4,000 and $13,000 depending on type of cabinetry (custom, semi-custom or ready-made) and the material the cabinets are made of.  Cabinet Door Types Full-Overlay: Full overlay cabinet doors and drawer fronts almost completely cover the

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Ideas For a Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is the epicenter of a home. It’s the place where families begin their day, meals are prepared, kids do homework, families gather, and holiday events are hosted. No matter the size or style of a kitchen, it always ends up being the place where everyone socializes, so it’s no wonder we all want the kitchen of our dreams.  Many clients come to us desiring a dream kitchen but are unclear of what exactly they want in terms of style, colors, flooring, appliances, materials, layout, accessories, and lighting. At first thought, it can all seem so overwhelming that some homeowners delay or cancel the project entirely, but creating your dream kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated. In today’s post, we offer a  number of ideas to help you nail down the plan for your fabulous kitchen.  Custom and intentional layout: If you’re building a home or gutting your kitchen

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Out with the old, in with the new 

Out with the old, in with the new  As 2022 comes to a close, we are all looking ahead to 2023. There always seems to be a magical excitement surrounding a New Year. It’s a wonderful time to freshen up aspects of our  lives, including the homes in which we live. Life coaches and organization experts like to say, “Outer order, inner calm.” Think about it. Whenever a room in your house is completely clean and situated exactly as you desire, it’s much easier to relax and unwind in that space. The great thing is you don’t have to get super fancy or study feng shui to make this a reality. Below are several tips to help you create a space you love and to lean into this upcoming year with anticipation.  Focus on renewal: Spirituality doesn’t have to equate to church or worship. In fact, the definition of spirituality

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Where can I buy kitchen cabinets?

A kitchen is the heart of a home. Whether you’re building or renovating, cabinets make up the majority of the kitchen. With that in mind, it’s important we take time to really think about our cabinet purchases so we’re more than happy with the final look of our space. You want to love the ultimate look because you’ll be living in and utilizing the kitchen for many years to come. Homeowners often ask our designers where they should buy cabinets. Purchasing kitchen cabinets can become an expensive and time-intensive process. With all this in mind, it’s imperative that one be intentional when deciding what and where to buy.  Of course the big box stores offer cabinets, but sometimes they don’t provide design services so it gets tricky in terms of measuring and knowing exactly what to purchase. Believe us when we say cabinets are not an easy item to return

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What is a contemporary cabinet design?

If you are about to embark on a kitchen renovation or break ground on a new home, you may be wondering what contemporary cabinets are. Selecting cabinets when building a new home or renovating a kitchen can be a daunting task. There are numerous options when it comes to style, color, paneling, embellishments, hardware, or whether the cabinets are stock, semi stock, or fully custom. This is why it’s helpful to secure the services of a kitchen designer who can guide you through the process. Contemporary cabinet design can sometimes be confused with a modern style, but contemporary kitchen cabinets are less angular and flush. Unlike a modern style which actually refers to a historical design movement and encompasses specific elements, contemporary means “in the now.” Since it pertains to current trends, contemporary kitchens are ever-evolving, although they always maintain a few key features. As you begin to collect ideas for

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Cabinetry – Function & Design in Your Home

If you’ve ever built a home or renovated an entire room, you understand how complicated and cumbersome the process of selecting, buying, and installing cabinets can be. Cabinets make up a significant portion of a renovation budget as well as a significant portion of the actual space in your kitchen. Therefore, all decisions  have to be thoroughly considered. Many homeowners find it more efficient to hire a kitchen and bath designer, as opposed to doing everything on their own. A designer possesses knowledge and expertise that will help prevent mistakes or delays. They serve as the project manager for the renovation.  Whether you use a designer or not, there are a handful of things to consider when ordering cabinets for your new space. The kitchen is the most utilized room in a home. It’s where memories are made, so you want to make sure it’s exactly as you’ve envisioned.  Factors

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What adds the most value to a home during renovation?

When people buy an existing home, they often create a list of things they would like to one day change. It’s usually the recommendation to live in a space for at least a year before making any significant modifications. This allows you to really assess the home and decide what you like and what you do not like. Your conclusions could surprise you.  You may enjoy elements you thought you wouldn’t or want to get rid of features that at first seemed appealing. Whatever the reasoning, a significant number of people renovate at least one part of their home after they purchase the property. The most popular rooms to renovate are bathrooms and kitchens, but do these have the most significant ROI? Further, it doesn’t necessarily need to be an entire room renovation to significantly increase the value.  In today’s Braemar post, we offer some information about what adds the

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How to Pick the Best Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Lighting makes a big difference in a bathroom. No one wants a piercing, abrasive light when trying to get ready for the day or wind down in the evening. The best option is to have a variety of lighting for the myriad of needs required from a bathroom. Additionally, the vanity is a very important component of a bathroom but is often overlooked for other more obvious elements. Along with the vanity comes lighting. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing space, one needs to know how to pick the best bathroom vanity lighting. No matter the room, lighting is the focal point and affects the ambiance of the space. When deciding on this very important lighting, we have several tips to offer.  Shape: Vanity lights come in a variety of shapes, which is primarily determined by their width. These include bar, globe, cage, shaded, scone and

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How to organize a house with storage space

Some people perceive feng shui as a woo woo philosophy. However, there is certainly something to be said about the design, shape and organization of a room having an effect on the person’s experience of the space. Few people can deny that it feels wonderful to have an organized house. Psychologists say that outer order brings inner calm, and since we spend a significant portion of time in our homes, it would make sense that we would want them to be organized. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy for a home to quickly get cluttered and disorganized. The good news is by doing just a little bit every day.  Declutter: This should always be step one when organizing your home. Before you can begin organization, you need to purge unnecessary items, which are items that are no longer used or loved. This is a challenge for

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Do new cabinets add value to a home before selling? 

Anyone who has built a new home or underwent a renovation project knows that decisions surrounding cabinets are significant. Gone are the days where there were a mere handful of cabinet styles and wood types. Now, the selections are vast and complicated. It helps to have the guidance of an experienced designer to navigate the process.  The good news is there is long-term payoff when new cabinets are added to a home. Updating cabinetry is a surefire way to not only increase aesthetics but also value. Once you make the decision to upgrade your cabinetry, there are a set of new decisions to be made. Below are several tips to help you get from point A to point B with optimism.  Replacing vs. refacing: The age of your kitchen typically determines much of what you should or could do with your existing cabinets. If you have an older home with

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Designer for Braemar Cabinetry

When it comes to incorporating cabinetry into your space, we know our stuff! We believe it is time for us to share our knowledge with the world and inspire others to turn their house into a home by maximizing the space you have through design, renovation, and expansion. Whether you are looking for the latest trends and styles, advice on how to select cabinets, solutions for space planning or just general cabinetry  knowledge, we have got you covered.  Have a question not answered in our blogs, feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help!