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How to Pick the Best Bathroom Vanity Lighting

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Lighting makes a big difference in a bathroom. No one wants a piercing, abrasive light when trying to get ready for the day or wind down in the evening. The best option is to have a variety of lighting for the myriad of needs required from a bathroom.

Additionally, the vanity is a very important component of a bathroom but is often overlooked for other more obvious elements. Along with the vanity comes lighting. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing space, one needs to know how to pick the best bathroom vanity lighting. No matter the room, lighting is the focal point and affects the ambiance of the space. When deciding on this very important lighting, we have several tips to offer. 

Shape: Vanity lights come in a variety of shapes, which is primarily determined by their width. These include bar, globe, cage, shaded, scone and tubular. Deciding which shape of light works best for your vanity depends on the size of the room, shape of the mirror and positioning of the vanity/sink furniture. 

Positioning: Some homeowners prefer lights to hang over the vanity while others like for them to be on either side of the mirror. 

Width: To create a lovely, balanced look, it’s important to consider the width of your vanity lights in relation to your mirror. A single light fixture placed above the mirror should generally be about a third of  the width of the mirror. In contrast, multi-light  fixtures and other horizontal light styles light bars can extend beyond the width of the mirror but should not be longer than the vanity itself. Further, if you have a double-sink vanity, it may be best to get two smaller  sets of fixtures centered over each sink. 

Bulbs: One would think bulbs should be an easy decision when it comes to finalizing a new build or remodel, but it ends up being overlooked. However, everyone notices the amount of or lack of lighting in any room. That being said, it’s important to spend time figuring out which light bulb works best for your space and lifestyle. As a base standard, dimmable LEDs in bright white (3600 to 4000 Kelvin) or daylight (5000 to 6000 Kelvin) are great in the bathroom.

The vanity is an extremely important part of any bathroom. It’s where people stand to prepare for their day and get ready for bed. While some homeowners may think lighting ins’t that important, everyone notices the amount of light when they enter a room. That’s why it’s so important to spend some time focusing on this element. Contact Braemar today to get started on your bathroom design.

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