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What is a contemporary cabinet design?

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If you are about to embark on a kitchen renovation or break ground on a new home, you may be wondering what contemporary cabinets are. Selecting cabinets when building a new home or renovating a kitchen can be a daunting task. There are numerous options when it comes to style, color, paneling, embellishments, hardware, or whether the cabinets are stock, semi stock, or fully custom. This is why it’s helpful to secure the services of a kitchen designer who can guide you through the process.

Contemporary cabinet design can sometimes be confused with a modern style, but contemporary kitchen cabinets are less angular and flush. Unlike a modern style which actually refers to a historical design movement and encompasses specific elements, contemporary means “in the now.” Since it pertains to current trends, contemporary kitchens are ever-evolving, although they always maintain a few key features. As you begin to collect ideas for your new kitchen, let’s talk about the characteristics of contemporary cabinets. 

4 Main Elements of Contemporary Cabinet Design

Natural materials: There’s something calming about bringing nature indoors, and one aspect of contemporary cabinets is doing just this. Materials such as aluminum, leather, glass and stone help facilitate a lovely yet relaxing atmosphere in a kitchen. Other natural elements include authentic wood fronts and floating shelves. 

Minimal accessories: Contemporary cabinet design includes minimal accessories and embellishments. By utilizing minimal accessories, contemporary kitchen cabinet design creates a sleek, classy look because the hardware and decor on the cabinets stay in the background as opposed to overwhelming the feel of the kitchen. 

Geometric elements: When considering contemporary cabinet designs, think in terms of geometric shapes such as straight lines, circles or squares. Contrasting colors can also create a bold but clean look. This style of cabinetry rarely has curvatures or ornamentation. 

Functionality: For people who want their kitchen to be extremely functional and a place where a lot of prepping and cooking happens, contemporary cabinets would be a great choice. Because contemporary cabinets are current, they often include the latest bells and whistles in terms of storage and organization. The cool thing about a contemporary kitchen is that it can be both beautiful and usable.  

To put it succinctly, contemporary kitchen cabinets are known for their simplicity, clean lines, minimalist details, and stylish aesthetics. If you have the luxury of building from the ground up or completely gutting your old kitchen for a new one, there are several other ideas you can consider. Natural lighting and an open floor plan are two ways to play off earthy elements offered in your cabinetry. 

Another way is by selecting hardware that mimics the goals of your cabinets. When selecting hardware, remember to think of clean geometric lines and minimal adornment. This will fit right in with the overall contemporary feel of the space. Some homeowners forego hardware altogether in favor of cabinets with seamlessly built-in handles and pulls.

A final way to ensure your kitchen feels new and contemporary is by getting rid of clutter and by organizing items in your fridges and inside your cabinets. Even though everyone can’t see inside your appliances or cabinets, by keeping them extremely cluttered, it can impact the feng shui of the space. 

If you are on the cusp of creating a new kitchen, a contemporary cabinet design may be the right choice for you and your lifestyle. If you need assistance navigating the process, call Braemar today. Our designers are ready to get started on your dream kitchen. 

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