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Cabinets make up a significant component of any kitchen and while we want them to be beautiful, we also need them to be functional. If selected correctly, kitchen cabinets offer homeowners ample storage and help alleviate organizational stress. Consider these tips when pondering kitchen cabinet options for storage and display.

The perfect pantry: We use the word “perfect” as a relative term because what’s perfect for one person may be different for another. Nonetheless, we all have an image in our mind of what would create the perfect pantry. Maybe that’s a well-organized, walk-in pantry or a slender, deep pantry. Whatever you preference, most people desire and need a pantry in their kitchen.

Utensil drawers: This includes the traditional utensil drawer that organizes forks, knives and spoons. This type of drawer will probably always be needed, although modern inserts make storage much savvier than the days of old. Along with the traditional utensil drawer, today’s cabinet manufacturers also make inserts and pull-outs for larger utensils and gadgets. If you’re truly a home chef, you’ll probably need more than one type of utensil drawers.

Corner drawers: Modern corner drawers are an ingenious way to utilize awkward spaces. Today’s corner drawers maximize space in a kitchen while offering additional room for pots, pans and other kitchen necessities. Further, these drawers come in all shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find one suitable for your unique kitchen.

Pull-out trashcans: These are a favorite with modern homeowners. They offer a simple and efficient way to manage trash and recycling. As opposed to taking up floor space or undersink space, pull-out trashcans take up limited cabinet room while contributing a very functional aspect to a kitchen.

Undersink drawer: No more squatting and reaching under the sink to clean or find something. An undersink drawer allows you to pull out and push in necessary cleaning items. It also makes it easier to manage plumbing work and cleaning behind the drawer.

Baking sheet drawer: Cookies, baking and muffin sheets are some of the most annoying kitchen items to store because of their size and shape. If you have a deep drawer space, a baking sheet drawer would be perfect for you. It allows you to organize your sheet pans in a way that will make cooking and baking much more enjoyable.

Appliance garage: This is another modern ingenuity. As opposed to cluttering countertops with toasters, coffee makers, blenders and the like, an appliance garage is an enclave in the wall used for storage of such items. It offers a space to put them as well as easy accessibility to retrieve them when they are needed.

Spice storage: Are you sick of looking through an entire cabinet to find that jar of cumin? Stress no more. Today’s spice storage options are much more practical and reduce the headache of constantly searching for something you need. They’re created to make life easy in the kitchen.

Pet bowl insert: This is a fun one. Not only do pet bowls take up floor space, but they often get kicked around or knocked over from normal, everyday living. Today’s cabinet makers offer an option where insets for the bowls can be made into the cabinet itself which not only looks nicer but saves space. If you know you’re going to have a furry family member for a long time, this option is for you.

With modern cabinetry, you can truly have a stress-free kitchen. Our Braemar designers are ready to sit down with you and create the kitchen of your dreams.

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