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When selecting cabinets for your kitchen, you need to ensure their functionality fits your lifestyle. There is a process when it comes to cabinet selection. The Braemar designers can fully assist you throughout the journey, but until you meet with a designer, below are some helpful tips and a series of steps to get you started.

Consider budget: You may see cabinets on HGTV or Pinterest that you love, but that doesn’t mean those cabinets will fit within your budget. A number of factors are considered when thinking about cabinet cost. Industry stats indicate that cabinets make up approximately 50% of your overall kitchen renovation budget. The best way to stay within budget is to set the umbrella amount for the entire renovation then take half of that and spend it on cabinets. This will leave you enough money to make the other changes you desire.

Choose a cabinet door profile: There are a number of different cabinet door styles to choose from. These include raised panel, recess panel, shaker style, slab and mullion. Further, the overall style of your kitchen will affect the type of door you select. Is your kitchen design contemporary, mid-century, coastal, farmhouse, Mediterranean or something else? One great way to decide which cabinet style best fits the look and functionality of your kitchen is to have your designer order some samples so you can compare various looks and materials.

Know your wood type and color: Types of cabinet wood include birch, cherry, maple, oak, hickory, beech, walnut and more. Within those wood types are different shades and colors. While natural wood cabinets may be the most durable and versatile options when shopping for cabinets, they are not the best choice for everyone. Some homeowners prefer stainless steel or laminate cabinets, especially if these materials better fit the style of your kitchen.

Think about both functionality and style: You must consider functionality when selecting kitchen cabinets for your renovated kitchen. Take some time to inventory what you use your kitchen for the most. Are you a big home chef? Do you enjoy entertaining? What types of storage do you need? These questions will greatly affect the types of cabinets you need. A happy kitchen needs to be a functional kitchen. Also, take into account spacing. Do you need your workspace near the fridge or near the stovetop? All of these decisions will make life easier and happier as you utilize your kitchen.

Factor in organization/storage: An organized space is a happy space. Today’s cabinet manufacturers are savvy in making cabinets and storage systems that offer both organization and adequate storage. You may want drawer inserts, certain cabinets for baking sheets, shelving unites, pullouts or other elements that will offer storage and organization to your kitchen. These types of considerations will maximize the functionality of your space and make your time in the kitchen much more enjoyable.

Maximize every inch: When renovating a kitchen you don’t want to waste one inch of space. Most kitchens are already compact, so you need to use every nook and cranny to your benefit. Kitchen designers are highly skilled at doing this. They may use corner cabinets or custom shelving or other means to ensure every section of the kitchen is used to its maximum benefit.

Although it’s fun to think about style and décor when renovating a kitchen, it’s also vital you consider functionality, for it’s the functionality of the kitchen that will make life seamless and efficient. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, you want it to be exactly as you envision.

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