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Kitchens of the South

Kitchens of the South

Kitchens of the South

Food and family go hand-in-hand in Kitchens of the South. Most Southerners love to be in the kitchen for one reason or another. Whether cooking up a holiday meal, concocting a festive cocktail or baking wing for a Saturday football game, folks in the South know how to navigate a kitchen. With that in mind, the Braemar team often considers what Southerners like in the most popular room of a home. There are certain elements distinctive to Southern kitchens.

Space: Perhaps the most important component in a Southern kitchen is that it’s spacious. Whether it’s the holidays or weekend events, this space often serves as the gathering place for friends and family. There needs to be room for everyone to move around, snack and converse with one another. Many Southern homes already have a large space, but if not, this is often important when homeowners are renovating a dated kitchen.

Farmhouse sink: The two signature features of a farmhouse sink are its oversized basin and overhanging lip. With historical relevance, farmhouse sinks are popular in many Southern kitchens. Even if your home is located in an urban part of town or a suburb, a farmhouse sink is reminiscent of the countryside.

Distressed elements: While distressed and vintage elements have only recently become popular in all rooms of a home, this design trend has always been favored in Southern kitchens. It may be an antique dining table you’ve refinished yourself or perhaps a shelf you picked up at a vintage market. These types of features offer a country and nostalgic feel to any kitchen space.  

Repurposed wood: Reclaimed wood is not only beautiful in a kitchen, but it’s also a way to be eco-conscious when building or renovating. The cool thing is repurposed wood can work pretty much anywhere. People have used reclaimed wood for simple simpler elements such as an island top, an accent beam or a couple floating shelves, while other homeowners use a larger amount of wood for floors and ceilings. No matter how you use it, repurposed wood will always add a stunning component to your Southern kitchen.

Glass paneled cabinets: Glass-front cabinetry is often found in Southern kitchens. They offer the illusion of more space while showing off favorite dishes, pottery or trinkets. Glass panels also give a lighter feel, especially when the wood is dark or heavy. Since dark colors are trending in home décor, pairing a deep hue with glass provides a beautiful juxtaposition. Some homeowners even use glass on the back and front if the cabinets are on an exterior wall. This not only offers storage but also more natural light in the kitchen.

Overstuffed chairs or barstools: Relaxation and entertainment are interchangeable for many Southerners. Numerous hours are spent in the kitchen catching up, eating food or simply being together. Lovely, overstuffed dining chairs are often a nice accent in a Southern kitchen or if your space is smaller, cushioned barstools can add a similar feel.

The Braemar design team loves creating kitchens with a Southern flare. There are many large and small elements to consider. No matter your budget or the size of your space, our team can create the kitchen you’ve always envisioned.

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