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Which kitchen cabinets are timeless?

Which kitchen cabinets are timeless?

A kitchen renovation is no simple feat, nor is it inexpensive. To make the update last decades, many homeowners prefer elements and designs that are timeless and will sustain changes in trends. Cabinetry makes up the bulk of a kitchen so if your goal is to create a kitchen that lasts a lifetime, it may be wise to choose cabinets with classic beauty and style. Below we offer several timeless ideas.

Color: Several colors of kitchen cabinets never go out of style. These include white, gray and navy. These hues stand the test of time. They are neutral, yet classy and stylish. These colors allow the designer or homeowner to make decor changes throughout the years without the budget impact of acquiring new cabinetry. White, gray and navy also pair well with any type or color of appliance.

Glass front: Glass front cabinets have been popular for centuries. They offer warmth unattained with solid cabinet doors. This type of cabinetry is perfect to show off funky dishes, pottery or family heirlooms. Some homeowners also add lighting within the glass-front cabinets to provide additional coziness and warmth in a room.

Shaker style: This style of cabinetry features a flat center panel and square edges with minimal detail or ornamentation, and they are symmetrical in design. The simple, clean lines of a shaker style cabinet make them a timeless component to any kitchen. Of all cabinet styles, shaker cabinets stand the test of time. Further, if you’re trying to stick to a budget, shaker cabinets offer a relatively inexpensive way to have gorgeous cabinets that blend with any style of kitchen.

Tuxedo effect: A classic tuxedo kitchen is traditionally defined by white upper cabinets and black lower cabinets. Homeowners can also include additional elements that contribute to the black and white effect, such as a black island or black countertops to separate white upper and lower cabinets. Black and white are timeless colors, no matter the room in a home. Today’s designers can work their magic if your desire is a tuxedo-style kitchen.

Open upper cabinets: The open upper cabinet concept has been around for a long time. It’s similar to floating shelves in other rooms. The tricky thing is everyone can see what you put on the cabinets so the homeowner must be cognizant of items on display. Some people appreciate the fact that cabinets hide dishes, pots and other kitchen items. Open cabinets aren’t for everyone, but for people who know how to use them well, they significantly add to the kitchen’s overall décor.

If your plan is to renovate the kitchen into a space that will last a lifetime, it’s important to select cabinetry types, colors and styles that are timeless. The Braemar designers are skilled at listening to clients’ needs and desires. The goal is to give the homeowner the exact kitchen they’ve envisioned and one that will hold many decades of memories.

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