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Kitchen Corner Struggles and Great Solutions

Kitchen Corner Struggles

Kitchen Corner Struggles and Great Solutions

When you’re building a home, renovating an existing one, or working with a realtor to purchase a new home, you may not think about something such as kitchen corner struggles, but many homeowners become frustrated trying to figure out what to do with awkward corners in the most cherished room of a home. The Braemar team offers several solutions to help you navigate your new kitchen space and ensure you’re happy with how you handle those cumbersome corners.

8 Corner Solutions

Blind corner cabinet: This is a popular resolution. A blind corner cabinet is positioned at the corner between two rows of base cabinets where part of one cabinet’s contents is hidden by the other row of cabinets. It is blind in that you cannot see what is inside the cabinet portion that is hidden. The disadvantage is that while you may be able to fill the space and save a few bucks on your budget, accessibility is challenging. You often have to get down on your knees and reach far back to get needed items, resulting in these spaces being used sparingly.

Lazy Susan: This is a classic choice for awkward corner spaces, especially when they’re low. These turntables are easily used for strainers, pots, pans, and other items. While it may be slightly more pricey than a blind corner cabinet and while you will still have to get down to access the interior, the spinning element makes things much easier.

Corner drawers: This corner solution not only provides storage but also offers a unique aesthetic with a tiered/accordion appearance. It allows at least some of the storage to be higher up so you don’t have to bend down every time you need something.

Diagonal cabinets: While these can add a cool dynamic and some dimension to your kitchen, they still require you to reach in the back to grab an item. These types of cabinets may be custom-build or pre-fabricated.

Swinging pullouts: These are certainly considered an upgrade when compared to some of the other solutions and will take a larger chunk out of your budget. That being said, they will significantly decrease any hassle that comes with an awkward corner space. The shelves swing out, allowing you to access items in a much easier fashion than with drawers or a lazy Susan.

Dead space: If you’re tight on budget or simply don’t need the additional storage, you could always use the corner space for dead space and cover it with a decorative door. Another reason for dead space would be if you’re renovating and can’t find a pre-fabricated cabinet that fits the space.

Create a new space: If you can afford to lose the storage, you could remove cabinetry around the awkward corner to make an entirely new space. It could be a sitting area or even a breakfast nook depending on the room. This is an especially good idea if you have plenty of storage elsewhere or if the corner is at a lovely window.

Open shelving: This option offers some décor possibilities while still providing storage. If the cabinet is up high, this is a great idea and would be a nice place to display herbs, plants or pottery. If the cabinet is low, it could look strange and may not be the best choice.

These are a few of the many solutions suggested by the Braemar team when it comes to kitchen corner struggles. Contact us today and let our team help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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