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Dead space in a bathroom

What to do with dead space in a bathroom

Do you have dead space in a bathroom? Often times, the layout or design of a bathroom can result in awkward, empty space. This can leave the room looking dull and unfinished. No one wants that, especially when it comes to the most visited room in a home. There are a number of ways to fill this empty space and some of those include additional storage, added decor or both. Take a look at the below suggestions when it comes to ideas about extra square footage or empty wall space in a bathroom. Dead space in a bathroom? Hanging cabinets: If the empty space involves a wall, hanging cabinets would fill it nicely and offer storage. With towels, supplies and toiletries, there is always a need for more storage in a bathroom. If you go this route, ensure no one will hit their head on the cabinets when walking by.

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