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What to do with dead space in a bathroom

Dead space in a bathroom

Do you have dead space in a bathroom? Often times, the layout or design of a bathroom can result in awkward, empty space. This can leave the room looking dull and unfinished. No one wants that, especially when it comes to the most visited room in a home. There are a number of ways to fill this empty space and some of those include additional storage, added decor or both. Take a look at the below suggestions when it comes to ideas about extra square footage or empty wall space in a bathroom.

Dead space in a bathroom?

Hanging cabinets: If the empty space involves a wall, hanging cabinets would fill it nicely and offer storage. With towels, supplies and toiletries, there is always a need for more storage in a bathroom. If you go this route, ensure no one will hit their head on the cabinets when walking by. Also, make sure they don’t protrude in a cumbersome way. For symmetry, you may need to add a table or lower cabinet below the hanging cabinet.

Floor to celling cabinets: If the open space goes from floor to ceiling, a tall freestanding cabinet would fit nicely. This would fill the entire space and offer additional storage. This type of storage system is especially helpful when you have a freestanding vanity or limited storage in other areas of the bathroom.

Table or bench: If the empty space is lower, perhaps under an existing hanging cabinet, a table or bench may be a good idea. The table can be used as a temporary drop zone for items like hairbrushes or a make-up bag, or it could be used for decorative items. If need be, the bench could be pulled out for a person to sit on when applying make up or for a child to stand on while brushing teeth. When unused it can be slid back into the empty space.

Artwork and mirrors: When most of the empty space involves the walls, artwork and mirrors are great solutions. Mirrors help any room look larger because of the reflections. They will also serve as second prepping area when multiple people are trying to get ready at the same time or if someone simply needs a mirror and not the full vanity. Further, artwork will give the room a sense of style and pizzazz not offered by other means. Tying the artwork into the color scheme of the towels, shower curtain or paint is a great idea.

Floating shelves: Another option for wall space is floating shelves. These work nicely if you don’t need additional storage and simply want a place for décor items. Floating shelves come in numerous material type, styles and colors. They work great for additions like candles, photos, framed artwork or small clocks.

Plants: Perhaps the least expensive item to fill the empty space would be a plant. Greenery looks nice in any room and brings the outdoors in, especially in a small area like a bathroom. You could get a hanging plant if the space is up high or a floor plant is the space is down low. A table and floating shelves are other great areas for plants.

Trunk or closed ottoman: Similar to the bench idea, a trunk or closed ottoman would fit well under a hanging cabinet or if the empty space is situated lower. Both pieces of furniture would offer storage and a place to sit if needed.

Antiques: An empty space in a bathroom is a perfect location for an antique piece, such as a rack, old bookshelf or cabinetry item. The sky is the limit when it comes to the type of antique that would look nice in the space. If you select a bookshelf, it doesn’t have to be used for books. Nicely folded or rolled towels look lovely on any type of shelving unit.

Don’t rush: Although you’ll be tempted to fill those spots immediately, take some time to decide what you need and want. Living with empty space for a while will help you determine how to use it optimally.

Although dead space in any room can be frustrating, see as an opportunity instead of a nuisance. The designers at Braemar are highly skilled at taking any space and turning it into a design dream.

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