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How to Choose the Right Color Palette for your Home

Color My Rooms

How to Choose the Right Color Palette for your Home Color is a powerful component of the design process. Selecting the color of a room, rug or furniture can be fun and exciting, and these decisions will hopefully bring you joy for years to come. In fact, there is a lot of psychology involved in terms of color selection. Aside from offering an element of beauty, homeowners often want to emit a certain mood in individual rooms. Furthermore, when it comes to color, don’t play it safe. Use your creative juices to create the space of your dreams.  Warmth: If your goal is to warm up a room, there are a number of color options. A creamy white can offer a classic, lovely canvas for mirrors, paintings and colorful furniture. Similarly, various shades of gray offer a cozy background color. Other, bolder options are mustard yellow, sea foam green, soft

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Entryway trends for 2019

When it comes to leaving an impression, a memorable entrance is a must. Think about the front door and entryway of your home? Is it unique and eye-catching or dull and bland? Giving your entryway a facelift is one of the simplest and cost-efficient ways to add decorative flare to your home. Additionally, revamping entryways is a top design trend for 2019. Take a look at the suggestions below. The Braemar designers are highly skilled at transforming spaces. Bring your entryway ideas to us and let’s get started. A front door that pops: Gone are the days of boring front doors. Today, homeowners are using everything from glass to repurposed barn wood to create a front door that’s not only functional but also elegant and beautiful. Further, if you can include a window in your front door, go for it. Natural light will offer a lovely glow to your entryway.

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Top Design Trends for 2019

With winter wrapping up, homeowners are busy planning for spring and summer renovations. There are a number of exciting design trends projected for 2019. We hope you’re working with a professional designer during your remodel. This is the best way to ensure your project results are what you’ve imagined. See below for hot trends, and then give Braemar a call to schedule a consultation. Our designers are ready to work with you. The color blue: Grays have been popular for quite a few years now. Dark gray, light gray, metallic gray. This year, a new color has taken over as a room’s base hue. From light blue to rich navy, all shades are hot right now. Animal print rugs: Animal print seems to come and go, and right now it’s a-go. To make a room feel modern and exotic, find a rug that conjures thoughts of jungles and savannas. Whether

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Reading Room Cabinets

Have fun with accessories

Typically when homeowners are redesigning or remodeling a home, they think of big items first such as cabinets, appliances and windows. But often times, the beauty is in the details. Once the main decisions are made, you can have some fun selecting accessories to create the room you’ve envisioned. It’s impressive how small items can make a significant difference in a room. A good designer knows how to use lighting, rugs, frames, mirrors, wall hangings and other pieces to create a comprehensive ambiance. With that being said, there must also be a balance. The right accessories can contribute greatly to a room but if you try and include too much, the room can appear cluttered. Follow these tips to ensure your renovated space has just the right amount of accessories. Tips for selecting home accessories  1). Quality over quantity Don’t get too crazy buying accessories for your new space. Always

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Home decor trends for 2018

A new year brings new possibilities and vision for your home. Trends in home decor evolve and shift from year to year. In today’s Braemar blog post, we offer top home design trends for 2018, so get out those sketch pads and start pinning on Pinterest. It’s time to have some fun. 1. Circle patterns. Whether it’s a throw pillow, blanket or wall hanging, circles are going to be popular this year. Perhaps they represent fluidity and promote relaxation. 2. Tone on tone. What is tone on tone? This is where a wall and a signature piece of furniture are the exact same color. The contrast would come from the knobs, handles or some other accent on the furniture. This offers a very unique type of dimension to a room. 3. Brass. The popularity of brass comes and goes with the times. This shiny metal is in demand this year.

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Give your home a facelift in 2018

Can you believe 2017 is about to come to a close? A new year is  a great time to plan a renovation. If it’s time to give your home a facelift, perhaps 2018 is the year to do it. In fact,  January, February and March are wonderful months to plan and implement renovations. While weather can be a factor in some regions, there are no significant holidays or school breaks during these months and travel is usually held to a minimum. The first quarter of a year is an especially good time for smaller renovations that don’t require walls to be torn down. This alleviates cold and snow from being a concern. And when you renovate in the winter, you can thoroughly enjoy your new space during the warm seasons. If financing or a limited budget are preventing you from starting a new project, did you know you can update

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Tips for decorating a great room

With school back in session around the country, thoughts are shifting from summertime to fall. And with fall, comes football season, holidays and a lot of entertaining. Of all the rooms in a home, a great room is often most conducive to large gatherings and social functions. In decades past, most homes were chopped up into rooms, but modern  houses offer some type of great room which combines the living room, kitchen and dining areas to varying degrees. These types of spaces allow multiple activities to happen while allowing family and friends to remain together. Whether your home already has a great room or you would like to create one, decorating this space can be a little overwhelming. Follow the Braemar tips below to create a space that’s beautiful and functional. Tips for decorating a great room Accent color: When deciding on colors for your great room, choose an accent

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What’s hot in home decor for 2017

Thinking about a home renovation? It’s not too late to jump on the “what’s hot in 2017” train. What’s trending in home decor right now is awesome and gorgeous and will hopefully stay in style for quite a while longer. Below are a few of these hot trends currently popular with homeowners of all types. Geometric patterns: If you’re bored with basic solid colors and prints, try out a fun geometric pattern on your walls or upholstery. Shapes of all sorts add a funky feel to any room. Natural lighting: This one seems to always be on the list, thankfully. Who doesn’t benefit from beautiful natural light streaming in a room? If you’re room feels dark and dreary, try and figure out a way to open it up by adding a window or skylight. Jewel tones: Think of an emerald, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, and other beautiful gemstone colors. These deep,

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4 Basics to Create an Outdoor Oasis

The first day of spring has come and gone and before we know it, sultry summertime will be here as well. To ensure your home is ready for summertime fun, now’s the time to prepare because as they say, ‘Preparation is everything.’ There’s something about an outdoor space that’s soothing to the spirit. Imagine soft lighting, comfy outdoor furniture, someone playing a guitar, kids laughing, and a nice glass of wine in hand. Are you feeling relaxed? We hope so and remember, making this a reality is easier than you think. Your outdoor space should be ready and waiting when that first mild evening comes along. You may be wondering how to create an outdoor oasis. The Braemar team is here say it’s not nearly as challenging or expensive as one would think. With appropriate planning and creative design, your own backyard will become the place you crave more than

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Plan Your 2017 Home Renovation Now

Are you considering a home renovation in 2017? If so, now’s the time to plan. It’s hard to believe Christmas is around the corner and year’s end is only weeks away. Before we know it, we’ll be counting down to midnight and ringing in a new year. If you’ve never renovated a space in your home, you may not realize the process can take four to eight weeks and that may not include all of the envisioning and planning that happens beforehand. So if you and your family are thinking about renovating your kitchen, bath, or another room in your home, call the Braemar team today so we can get started. As with any project, large or small, you need a plan. We can help you with the formal design plans, but there are some things you can do on your own to begin the process and clarify your vision.

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