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Popular trends in bathroom cabinetry


Throughout the decades, bathrooms have evolved into something of a sanctuary. Small, stale bathrooms of the 1970s are a far cry from the luxurious havens in modern homes. The bathroom is a place to prepare for the day ahead and a place to unwind at the end of many hours in a stimulating world. As you’re considering a bathroom renovation, there are numerous options in terms of cabinetry. Below are several popular trends when it comes to bathroom cabinets.

Fluted, reeded or slatted panels: This is going to be a popular trend in the New Year. Currently, there are few of these panels on the market, so you may need to involve a professional cabinet maker, woodworker or builder. If you’re budget allows it, you won’t be disappointed in the aesthetics of these unique cabinets.

Open shelving: Open shelving or floating shelves have become a popular trend in every room in a home. The bathroom is no exception. This type of shelving is not only versatile and aesthetically pleasing but also offers additional storage.

Furniture appeal: A core trend in today’s bathroom design is cabinetry that resembles formal furniture with legs and open units where towels, bottles and other items can be showcased. Many people repurpose hutches and desks to serve as bathroom vanities and storage unities.

Smooth and sleek: Many homeowners are choosing sleek, smooth-front cabinets as opposed to ones with ornate designs. This type of cabinetry offers a flare of design and a surface area that’s easier to clean and maintain.

Modern medicine cabinets: Yesterday’s medicine cabinets have undergone a major upgrade. Today’s medicine cabinets are deeper and more modern in appearance. Items can be stored other than small, narrow medicine bottles or toiletries.

Storage units and accessories: These units are often highlighted when discussing kitchen renovations, but they are also great for bathrooms as well. They offer additional, more efficient storage without having to take up too much square footage. Examples would be pullouts and dividers.

Accented cabinets: Colorful or shiny hardware is another way to make otherwise mundane cabinets look more exciting. This is a very budget-friendly way to make a simple upgrade with a lot of impact. Add gold handles to a monotone color to create some pizzazz.

A splash of color: There are many color options in today’s world of cabinetry. You don’t have to select a shade of brown, gray or white. If you want a pop of color in your bathroom, paint your cabinets a bright hue. You can also order cabinets already painted.

Go green: If you’re trying to honor sustainability during your bathroom renovation, aim to use local, live edge or repurposed wood. These cabinets would most likely be custom-made, but the beauty factor would be out of this world. If you don’t go the local route, many manufacturers make modern cabinets with eco-friendly materials.

It’s true that a great cabinet should combine function with form, but at the same time, you want them to give your bathroom to be uniquely you. With these top trends in mind, really consider what’s important to you and what will make your bathroom feel like an inner oasis, a place for you to relax and unwind.  The Braemar designers have considerable experience with all of these design trends. Contact us today to create your dream bathroom.

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