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Summer fun with an outdoor kitchen


The dog days of summer have truly arrived and with summertime comes outdoor fun and entertainment. Are you a person who loves inviting family, friends and colleagues over for an evening of grilling out, cocktails and music? If so, an outdoor kitchen is for you. This fun atmosphere is a hot trend right now but in our minds, it’s something that will withstand time. For centuries, people have cooked and entertained outdoors. While this type of space takes some thought and planning, the rewards are well worth the effort. Below are tips from the Braemar designers about creating the prefect outdoor kitchen.

1. Plan your layout: Don’t begin planning your outdoor kitchen willy-nilly. Make sure you have a plan that coincides with your landscape, lifestyle, entertaining goals and home architecture. The Braemar designers are highly skilled at designing every space in a home. And it’s especially fun to design an outdoor kitchen during spring and summer when outside frolicking is on your mind.

2. Select low-maintenance materials designed to withstand the rigors of an outdoor kitchen: The easier your outdoor kitchen is to  maintain, the more you will use it. We can help you with these selections.

3. Have fun decorating: This is an uber unique space not everyone is fortunate enough to have, so during the design phase, have a little fun. Include funky outdoor lighting, greenery and flowering plants, fire pits, comfortable furniture and an appropriate sound system.

4. Get creative with cooking appliances: An outdoor kitchen allows you to cook food items more challenging to cook indoors such as smoked meats, brick oven pizzas and s’mores.

5. Extend the outdoor entertaining season with heaters, shade and rain shelter: With heaters, shade trees, shelter and fire places/pits, the fun doesn’t have to end. With careful planning, an outdoor kitchen can be used year-round.

While summer is here and happening, it’s not too late to create an outdoor kitchen. Our team of designers would love to make this space happen for you and your family. Give Braemar a call today and let’s make your vision a reality.

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