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Cabinet Styles and Finishes

Cabinet Styles and Finishes

Cabinet Styles and Finishes

Selecting cabinetry is typically the most challenging and expensive part of a kitchen renovation. Trying to decide which type, style and color to buy can be overwhelming. A little background knowledge will make the process much more palatable. To begin with, it helps to know there are four main styles of cabinetry, which include:

Traditional: This style is the most formal and inspired by traditional European flare. It’s often embellished with ornately carved designs and raised panels. Traditional cabinets are usually found in classic, rich color woods. Other elements include stained glass door fronts, glazed doors, decorative brackets, toe-kicks, trim works, crown molding and more.

Shaker: This type of cabinet is often considered the most popular and certainly the most versatile. With a simple frame and panel structure, shaker cabinets blend in with both traditional and contemporary styles. Shaker cabinets are most commonly made from high-quality American wood. In today’s market, you’ll often see shaker cabinets painted in a variety of colors as well. 

Farmhouse: This style of cabinetry is similar to traditional cabinets but is more casual in design and uses more relaxed materials such as bead board, shiplap, tin metal and reclaimed wood. Along with farmhouse cabinets, homeowners often use open shelving to give the space a more welcoming feel. Farmhouse cabinets are typically painted white, but other popular colors are yellow, navy, gray and ivory.

Modern: This style of cabinetry is the least detailed, and looks very clean and sleek. Doors typically involve flat panels with a full overlay and little to no molding or trim. Other features include frameless, full-overlay construction, simple hardware, lack of ornamentation, reliance on the beauty of natural materials, emphasis on horizontal lines, and consistency in style and industrial elements.

Once you’ve selected the style, you may need to also decide on finishes. Finish regards the final application of color or lamination that gives a cabinet its final appearance.  Types of finishes include:

Natural: If you want your cabinetry to look organic and unaltered, this is the finish for you. This changes the look of the cabinet very little and simply uses a clear protective layer that will highlight the original look and grain of the wood.

Painted: This is a popular choice for many homeowners and is on the opposite spectrum from the natural look. You can stay simple or go bold with whatever paint color you use.

Stained: Staining will protect and enhance the original wood color. It will also protect your cabinets from everyday use and potentially extend the lifetime of the cabinet.

Glazed: A glazed finish offers cabinetry a rich, antique look. It offers depth and complexity and is a good choice if the overall design goal is a rustic look.

Laminate: A laminate finish is sometimes preferred because of its ease and durability. Laminate doors are easy to clean and withstand everyday wear and tear.

Choosing cabinets for your kitchen does not have to be a daunting task. The Braemar designers are highly knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to cabinet style and finish. Contact us today and let’s design the kitchen of your dreams.

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