Custom Cabinetry Showroom for Kitchen and Bath

You’ve booked your consultation. Now what?

When renovating your home, it’s always exciting to make the initial appointment with the design team. We at Braemar love meeting our clients for the first time and digging into the plan and goals of the renovation project. If we haven’t partnered before, you may be curious to know what happens during the initial consultation. We’ve worked to develop a strategic process that welcomes input from everyone at the table and ultimately leads to a solid design plan.

Stop by Braemar to discuss your bath and kitchen design ideas


Initial consultations typically take place at the Braemar Kitchen and Bath studio located in Old Town, Alexandria. Many of our clients come to the meeting with coffee in hand or leave and enjoy lunch with a friend or spouse to excitedly talk about bath and kitchen design ideas.

We encourage our clients to attend the first meeting with some ideas in mind. What are  your overall goals for the renovation/redesign? What is your approximate budget? Feel free to bring rough measurements of the room, photos, Pinterest boards, magazine pictures, swatches, anything to help give us a clear idea of your overall goals and vision.

After you’ve done a little bit of homework, we are ready to get started with our formal consultation process.

Initial Consultation


Braemar’s initial consultation is a three-step process carefully designed to ensure our clients and the Braemar team leave the meeting with a plan of action. Of course, many of our initial meetings go into greater detail, but this process helps us solidify the basics.

  1. Discuss project parameters and budgeting. Again, it’s extremely helpful when our clients come into the initial meeting with a general idea of their design goals and estimated budget.
  2. Discuss our cabinet options and our varied manufacturers. At the Braemar studio, we currently feature cabinets by Decora´, Schrock and KitchenCraft. While all of our cabinet options are well-crafted, beautiful and highly durable, each brand offers a uniqueness of its own. We’ll help you pair the perfect cabinets with your design ideas.
  3. Execute the design agreement and retainer. We will then schedule a field measure and a design presentation meeting.

We have many sample products and materials at the studio so that our clients can see and feel what their future cabinets and other items and fixtures will look like in reality.

The initial consultation is truly one of our favorite meetings. The adrenaline that comes with planning a renovation or redesign is one-of-a-kind. We guarantee that you will leave our initial consultation with confidence that Braemar will guide you through the design and materials selection process. To set up an initial consultation, contact us online or give is a call at (571) 290-0645.

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