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Where do you start when you want to remodel your bathroom?

remodel your bathroom

Where do you start when you want to remodel your bathroom?

Many homeowners stand back, hands on hips and look at their old bathroom with a furrowed brow. While many people love the thought of remodeling a room in their house, it’s often easier said than done. With the right designer, mindset and timeframe, you can create the bathroom you’ve envisioned while staying within a specified budget. Below are several verified steps that will assist you when planning your bathroom renovation.

Prioritize your goals: Take some time to thoughtfully draft your renovation goals. Write down everything you would like to accomplish if the sky was the limit, then prioritize the tasks in order from most important to least important. It may be impossible to complete everything you want, but it’s helpful to create a vision plan and stick to it. Not only does it make the entire project more manageable, but prioritizing goals also helps you stick to your budget.

Establish a realistic budget: Although bathrooms are small compared to other spaces in a home, a bathroom renovation can get pricey due to all the elements involved. Two-thirds of renovations go over budget, so keep that in mind when planning. Sometimes it’s helpful to plan under budget to ensure you don’t max out your spending. It’s also advantageous to consider resale value when planning your renovation. Certain upgrades offer a better return on investment than others. Remodeling a room can bring surprise costs you did not initially plan for. It’s wise to set aside money for this, just in case.

Gather ideas: This part can be a lot of fun. With sites like Houzz and Pinterest, there is a never-ending stream of ideas. From appliances to vanities to paint color to hardware, consider every aspect of your bathroom renovation. Knowing what you want will make the process less stressful. Decision-making can be hard and time consuming. The more you know going into the renovation, the more streamlined everything will be.

Consider the scope and timeframe of your project: Perhaps you’re trying to complete a renovation before a certain season of the year or before a holiday when you expect a large group of visitors. Researching how long each task will take can help you determine the timeframe and scope of your project. Add in some additional time due to unexpected issues. You never know what you’ll find once the demolition phase is finished.

Select the right designer for you: Finding the right designer for your personality and style is important to the overall success of the bathroom renovation. Designers not only offer tips and suggestions, they communicate well with manufacturers and keep the overall momentum going. The Braemar designers are highly skilled at all of these tasks. Working with our clients is the best part of our day. Our designers love getting to know their clients’ personalities and goals and creating a project plan that meets all of those needs.

Although a bathroom renovation is a big undertaking, it’s also a lot of fun. By following these tips and selecting the right designer, you will have the bathroom of your dreams in no time.

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