Top Design Trends for 2019

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With winter wrapping up, homeowners are busy planning for spring and summer renovations. There are a number of exciting design trends projected for 2019. We hope you’re working with a professional designer during your remodel. This is the best way to ensure your project results are what you’ve imagined. See below for hot trends, and then give Braemar a call to schedule a consultation. Our designers are ready to work with you.

The color blue: Grays have been popular for quite a few years now. Dark gray, light gray, metallic gray. This year, a new color has taken over as a room’s base hue. From light blue to rich navy, all shades are hot right now.

Animal print rugs: Animal print seems to come and go, and right now it’s a-go. To make a room feel modern and exotic, find a rug that conjures thoughts of jungles and savannas. Whether you choose a zebra, cheetah or some other print, you can’t go wrong.

Hanging sculptures: Instead of adorning bookshelves and tabletops with sculptured pieces of art, the new trend is to hang sculptured items. This will give your walls dimension and also offer a great conversation starter when friends and family visit.

Canopy beds: Nothing says luxury like a canopy bed. Throughout the ages, canopy beds have served different purposes and tastes. For 2019, they are in again. Whether you’re re-decorating a child’s bedroom or the master suite, a canopy bed will make an excellent addition.

Funky chandeliers: Cool and adequate lighting can make or break a room. There is a fine line between too much and not enough lighting. A funky chandelier with the correct bulbs not only offers the right amount of light but also a hip and modern vibe. To take an additional step, try and find a vintage chandelier, which ups the cool factor even further.

Geometric patterns: An easy and inexpensive way to incorporate a new trend is adding geometric patterns to your room. Perhaps it’s with a few throw pillows, a wall hanging or rug. Whichever route you go, all types of shapes are in this year.

These are just a few of this year’s top design trends. When you meet with our designer, she can enlighten you on many others. Then as a team, you can decide which ones work best with your style and lifestyle needs.

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