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Top 10 Kitchen Redesign Tips

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to take on a kitchen remodel, now what? Below are ten kitchen redesign tips that will lead to the kitchen of your dreams.

10). Personalize it: Perhaps most importantly, make your kitchen fit the personality of your family. While kitchens are not typically overdecorated, you can use accents such as rugs, pottery, back splash, pictures and other items to make it feel homey and personal while maintaining the functionality of a kitchen.

9). Select the right appliances for you: There’s no doubt that appliance selection is a fun part of the kitchen redesign process. But, there are so many options it can sometimes be overwhelming. Some people love all of the bells and whistles that come with modern appliances while others don’t feel all the hype is necessary. Truly think about what you need and want in your appliances and then stick with your budget. If you concentrate on those two factors,  you will be good to go.

8). Create a window that faces the morning sun: The best light in any room is natural lighting. Morning sun is the best to have in a kitchen because afternoon sun can make the room very hot. If your budget allows and you have a wall where it will work, consider creating a window that welcomes the morning sun and allows nice natural lighting during other times of the day.

7). Carefully consider other types of lighting: As we stated in tip #8,  natural lighting is always nice to have in the kitchen, but the type, or types, of synthetic lighting you choose is also very important. The options abound when it comes to lighting. There is recess lighting, task lighting, pendant lighting, and more. Consider how bright you need it in your kitchen and where the most activity occurs to guide your purchasing decision. Many people choose a combination of lighting in the kitchen to ensure it can be both cozy and functional, depending on the occasion.

6). Choose the right island: Many people love having an island in the kitchen. It offers more work space and storage while adding to the overall decor of the room. There are tons of island options on the market but much of the selection depends on how much space you have in your kitchen. When choosing an island. Think about questions such as: How much work space do I need? Do I want it to roll so I can move it if needed? How much extra storage do I need with the island? Will it also serve as a table or bar top?

5). Focus on the triangle: In a comfortably-functioning kitchen, the sink, range and refrigerator are typically near one another, often in the shape of a triangle. When using the kitchen, family members typically use these three areas most often so they should be near one another. The rule of thumb is that the three legs of the triangle should add up to between 12 and 26 feet. Bonus tip: place the refrigerator in a corner so people frequenting it won’t disrupt the person cooking.

4). Properly place kitchen items: You may not think about this, but where you put items could save you time and irritation. It’s helpful to place utensils near the drying rack and/or dishwasher so can easily put them away when they are dry. Glassware and dishes should be near the sink, and pots and pans should be central in the triangle because you often need all aspects of the triangle when cooking on the stove. But be careful when storing items above the range! Take care to ensure the items in this area are not affected by heat.

3). Ensure adequate storage: Numerous items, equipment and small appliances are required to make a kitchen fully functional, so ensure that the kitchen cabinetry you choose allows for that. If you live alone or with one other person you may not need as much storage as a family of four. Also, consider if you would like most of your storage to be high or low. Which will be more comfortable and efficient?

2). Strategically select cabinets: Cabinets take up a significant portion of a kitchen, so be sure you select cabinets that you not only like but that will serve you well functionally. We at Braemar are experts at cabinet selection. The options are truly endless, so whatever you are envisioning when it comes to cabinets, we can make that happen.

1). Call Braemar!: It’s extremely important to have a great consultant when it comes to redesigning any space in your home. It can be a tedious and time-consuming process, and it’s  helpful to hire a professional to help make the experience enjoyable.

Redesigning your kitchen can be such an exciting experience. Let the experts at Braemar guide you through the process so it becomes one you enjoy and embrace. We look forward to hearing from you!

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