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Tips to renovating a sunroom


Very little compares to the wonderful feeling of basking in sunlight, so why not make this possible year-round? With a sunroom, homeowners and guests can enjoy the benefits of the sun without having to be outside, so “outdoor entertainment” becomes an activity for all seasons as opposed to just a couple. Natural light itself also offers a number of benefits including decreased electric bills, vitamin D and aesthetic appeal.

Renovating a space into a sunroom is not as complicated or expensive many folks think. You may have an existing porch you want to enclose or you may want to build a completely new addition. Either way, Braemar’s design team will help you create and manifest your design vision. Below are a few renovation and decorating tips when it comes to sunrooms.

  • Keep the design vibe: Even though a sunroom offers unique and specific luxuries, try and keep the design vibe similar to adjacent rooms so the decor flows well. Whether your sunroom is separated by an entryway or sliding doors, it’s more appealing to the eye when the design somewhat corresponds to the surrounding area.
  • Carve out a nook: Many homeowners love using a sunroom for breakfast or morning play time with children. The natural light offers a gentle, comforting wake-up call. If you have enough space, place a small table and chairs in a nook of your sunroom for these purposes and more.
  • Get creative with the windows: Most sunrooms innately have many windows which can make it difficult to hang anything or use furniture pieces with high backs. Get creative by hanging photos across two windows or using padded-top benches instead of couches and sofas. Benches offer great storage space within and you can make it comfy with a variety of pillows.
  • Establish different areas: Similar to the nook idea, use shelving, furniture and other pieces to establish different zones in your sunroom. Perhaps you want a dining space in one section and a sitting area in another. This is very possible with a savvy design plan.
  • Add funky decor pieces and pops of color: Natural sunlight dances beautifully off color, so have some fun with the decor in your sunroom by including various colors and patterns.
  • Utilize storage options: Storage and cabinetry pieces are perfect for sunrooms because of the limited wall space. There are numerous options for homeowners when it comes to cabinets. Allow the sunroom to offer you some storage along with being a place for relaxation.

If you’re fortunate to have the space for a sunroom, don’t take this for granted. The Braemar team can work with any budget and goals to create the room of your dreams. Call us today so we can get started.

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