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Tips to renovating a powder room


A powder room can be a gem in one’s home or it can be a forgotten little room no one uses. This small bathroom, typically on the main floor, is a great place to have a little fun with design. With that being said, you have to be careful. This tiny space can go from glam to tacky very quickly. Follow the tips below to create a beautiful powder room both homeowners and visitors will love.

Have fun with style and design: This small space is perfect for quirky or unique designs. Allow it to be your little experiment, the place where you take design chances you wouldn’t take in other, larger rooms in the home. Maybe you want a nature theme, a nautical theme, or a city-scape theme. Perhaps you want to use that funky wallpaper you’ve been eyeing or adorn an entire wall in mirrors. Maybe you’ve found a fun and contemporary light fixture you’re not quite ready to display in a main living area. Whatever your decor thoughts, roll with them and have some fun!

Color: As with any space in the home, once you’ve decided on the theme and basic design of the room, take some time deciding on a color scheme. If you’ve selected a wallpaper for this room, that will guide your decision making regarding paint color. Remember you’re trying to have some fun with this space, so boring colors like gray and beige shouldn’t be options. Instead, go for bold colors like red, purple, Kelly green or canary yellow. Even if you have painter’s regret, it’s completely fine. The space is so small, you can re-paint it a different color later on if you need.

Materials: This small room is a great place to use some unique materials. You may want to include a fun mirror, a sassy chandelier or a counter top with a jagged edge. With your wallpaper and paint color as a stepping stone, get out there and find some materials with some flare. Again, this space is small, but it’s meant to be spectacular!

Use a professional: Yes, this room is small so in theory it should be easy to decorate. However, with such a tiny space to work with, it can go from lovely to gaudy quickly. Interestingly, some homeowners hire a professional designer for the powder room but not the kitchen. If you only want to hire a professional designer for a few rooms in your home, the powder room should be one of them.

If renovating your powder room has been on your mind, call Braemar today. Our team can help you develop the design of your dreams and select the right materials. We love creating stunning powder rooms, so call us today.

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