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Tips for decorating a great room

With school back in session around the country, thoughts are shifting from summertime to fall. And with fall, comes football season, holidays and a lot of entertaining. Of all the rooms in a home, a great room is often most conducive to large gatherings and social functions. In decades past, most homes were chopped up into rooms, but modern  houses offer some type of great room which combines the living room, kitchen and dining areas to varying degrees. These types of spaces allow multiple activities to happen while allowing family and friends to remain together. Whether your home already has a great room or you would like to create one, decorating this space can be a little overwhelming. Follow the Braemar tips below to create a space that’s beautiful and functional.

Tips for decorating a great room

Accent color: When deciding on colors for your great room, choose an accent color that flows throughout the entire space. This will weave everything together and make your great room warm and inviting.

Tall plants and lamps: Because of the high ceilings typical of great rooms, this space can feel cavernous. Adding tall plants and lamps helps to moderate this.

Room dividers: While it’s nice to have one large space, it’s decoratively appealing to stylistically section off different zones within the space. Use a daybed, bar stools, console table or a bench to casually divide the room and help visitors understand which area to use for what.

L-shape sectionals: It can be a task to decide on furniture for a great room. With so much area, there’s a lot to select. Our Braemar designers are very skilled at this and understand which types of furniture are best for a large space. For instance, modern L-shape sectionals are great for larger rooms and often allow much more seating than a traditional love seat/couch pairing.

Wall space: There is typically significant wall space in a great room. If you leave it all bare, the room will look cold and barren. Be savvy when adorning your walls. Use mirrors, paintings, canvases and other hangings to create a comfy, artsy feel.

These are just a few of the many strategies designers use when decorating a large space. Call Braemar today and allow our team to create the great room you’ve always envisioned.

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