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Tiny Home, Huge Storage

Owning a beautiful home with many rooms and square footage aplenty has always been part of the American Dream. But a modern movement is changing the landscape of real estate and new home construction. Many people now desire homes that are small but efficient, homes that do not require a huge footprint but still offer all that a person or family needs.

If you’ve ever seen the show Tiny House Nation, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Of course, some of those houses are insanely small and could never accommodate a family of four or more, but the ‘bigger is not always better’ philosophy embraced by the show is catching on. With the popularity of the show consistently growing, it seems the viewing public is intrigued with this phenomenon.

When it comes to current homeowners, people want to go smaller for a number of reasons.

3 Reasons for a Tiny Home

More sustainable: A smaller home takes up less of a carbon footprint and therefore is better for the environment. Further, when the home is small, it uses less energy on all fronts.

Less money: A smaller home would not only cost less to build, but it would cost less to heat, cool and light. When a family saves significant money on construction and energy costs, they have more of a budget for other luxuries such as travel or saving for the future.

Encourages life outside the home: For centuries, the primary uses of a home were eating and sleeping. The family stayed outside most of the day and came in only to gather for the evening meal and to sleep. With a tiny home, many families may find themselves enjoying their outdoor property much more than if their home were expansive.

When you have a tiny or even a small home, adequate storage space is essential. In these situations, storage often comes in the form of cabinets as opposed to additional rooms. Our Principal Designer and the rest of the Braemar team specializes in ensuring every client’s home is equipped with adequate storage no matter the square footage. Cabinet brands are offering more and more storage options for every room in a home. Moreover, storage options are available in all of the same wood types as other cabinets.

No mater the size of your home, we at Braemar can provide you with some amazing storage ideas. And if you live in a small home, we can work with the space you have to ensure you have adequate storage. There’s nothing more annoying than piles and piles of clothes and household items lying around the house because there’s nowhere to store them. Let us help you. Call Braemar today so we can ease your headache and offer you huge storage.

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