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The back-to-school season is in full swing all over the country. From billboards to commercials to community events, everyone is promoting this fun and exciting time of year. With that being said, the start of school can quickly feel chaotic if a family doesn’t stay on top of things at home. A great way to ensure everyone feels calm during this season is to use storage units and cabinets to sort, store, and organize school supplies, backpacks, sports gear, paperwork, and other items.

Below are a few tips to stay organized as your students begin a new school year.

Utilize a Drop-Off Zone

All children need a place to drop backpacks, sports gear, band instruments, and other items as soon as they walk in the door. Some homes have a mudroom that’s great for this purpose. Other families use the garage if it’s directly adjacent to a living space. If you don’t have a close garage or a mudroom, a nice storage unit near the main door works perfectly. Hooks, drawers, and shelves offer space for all of the items your children tote home from their day.

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Create Calendar Central

When school starts back, everyone in the family may have different schedules, so it’s important to have a location in the house where calendars are housed. The inside of a storage unit door or pantry door works well for this. You can purchase a white board for each member of the family to create monthly calendars. Along with these individual calendars, post one year-long calendar where dates for school holidays, birthdays, social occasions, and other events are posted.

Organize Paperwork

At the start of school, students often come home with a significant amount of paperwork. Then after that, homework, project descriptions, various calendars, field trip permission forms, etc. start piling up on the kitchen counter, dining room table, and other surfaces. Be proactive and get organized beforehand. The inside of cabinet or storage unit doors are a perfect place to hang plastic holders that can house folders for each child. Clean out these folders periodically so they don’t become another source of stress, but wait and see, you will be very happy the paperwork is in a safe, hidden place and your other spaces are left for eating, cooking, and other household activities.

Assign Cabinets

Whether in the kitchen, family room, or home office, give each child their own cabinet where they and you can store certain school supplies and items. For instance, if one of your children has a project due the following month, but you begin buying needed supplies along the way, you can store them in that child’s designated cabinet so you know exactly where they are when you need them. Also, if you bought extra school supplies to use as replenishment throughout the year, you can store them in these cabinets. Other items that may be stored are smaller sports items, additional lunch boxes or totes, teacher gifts that aren’t yet needed, and extra band instrument supplies or sheet music.

You may have never realized it, but the way you organize your home and systems of storage can greatly affect the peace of mind of everyone in the family. If things feel structured and everything has its place, parents and children will feel more calm and in control. There’s enough chaos in our everyday lives to not worry about where you put a field trip form or those foam balls you bought for a solar system project. Call Braemar today so we can help you create your perfect back-to-school spaces.

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