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Quick and simple redesign tips for spring


Now that Easter has come and gone, it truly feels like spring is here. While it’s still chilly in some parts of the country, other regions are finally feeling some warmth. Along with spring comes the yearning to clean and renovate a home. It’s much more enjoyable to work on home improvement or design projects when it’s lovely outside.

On the Braemar blog today, we offer some tips and suggestions when it comes to spring home renovations and redesign.

Quick and simple redesign tips for spring

Rearrange furniture: Homeowners often forget that simply rearranging furniture can make a big impact on a room. But before you start lugging around couches and chairs, take some time to sketch out a few ideas. When planning, think about opening up the room to create a space that encourages socializing and relaxing.

Include plants and foliage: With flowers blooming all around and trees regaining their leaves, spring is the time to bring some foliage indoors. Not only does this offer color and life to a room, but it also contributes oxygen to the lungs.

Add a splash of color: Whether it’s a new coat of paint, an accent piece of furniture or a couple new throw pillows, a little color can do a lot for a room. Balance out whites, grays and browns with some vibrant hues.

Deep cleaning: This seems like a no-brainer, but not everyone takes the time to conduct a deep cleaning during spring. Not only does this help you rid your house of the old, but also it opens up space so you can fully enjoy life. Once the weather in your town warms up, throw open those windows and take some time to clean.

Organize: Have you noticed how external organization affects internal organization? Staying organized on the outside helps one feel more in control on the inside. If you’re not naturally talented at being organized, let the designers at Braemar help you. We know how to plan a room efficiently, and we offer many storage and cabinet options that that will match your décor.

Give us a call today and let’s get started.

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