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Plan Your 2017 Home Renovation Now

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Are you considering a home renovation in 2017? If so, now’s the time to plan. It’s hard to believe Christmas is around the corner and year’s end is only weeks away. Before we know it, we’ll be counting down to midnight and ringing in a new year.

If you’ve never renovated a space in your home, you may not realize the process can take four to eight weeks and that may not include all of the envisioning and planning that happens beforehand. So if you and your family are thinking about renovating your kitchen, bath, or another room in your home, call the Braemar team today so we can get started.

As with any project, large or small, you need a plan. We can help you with the formal design plans, but there are some things you can do on your own to begin the process and clarify your vision.

Suggested tips prior to design planning

1). Initial brainstorming: Grab a clipboard and stand in the room you plan to renovate. Look around and jot down your ideas for changes and additions. Is there anything you like about the room and want to keep? What annoys you about the room? If the sky was the limit, what would you want? Do you need more storage? What are your thoughts on paint colors, cabinet colors, counter tops, and accessories?

2). Take measurements: Once we begin collaboration, we will visit your home to take formal, detailed measurements. Before that, however, you can take rough measurements on your own. Measure the floor space as well as spaces for appliances and cabinets.

3). Consider plumbing and electrical changes and/or issues: If the renovation or addition will affect plumbing and/or electrical components, be sure to record that in your notes. This information is helpful have during our initial meeting with you. Along with this, think about lighting. Do you like the existing lighting? Do you want more natural lighting? Different types of lighting?

4). Gather samples, photos, and more: Along with notes and measurements, it’s important to get at least an idea of colors and layout. With Pinterest, HOUZZ, and other design/decor sites, this task can be fun and energizing. Create a Pinterest board or even an actual scrapbook of ideas, photos, and swatches.

5). Establish a budget: After considering factors affecting the scope, determine how much money you would like to spend. This may be the most boring preliminary step, but it’s the most important. You don’t want your renovation to compromise your family budget or make you regret the project.

If you’re hoping to renovate a space in your home next year, now’s the time to get started. Once you’ve followed these initial suggestions, contact Braemar so we can begin truly planning and selecting materials. Remodeling one’s home can be an exciting and adventurous experience. Let’s get started!

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