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Not sure where to start with your redesign? We can help!

Sometimes the most challenging aspect of redesigning a room is knowing where to start. In your mind, the thought of completely redesigning a space to your heart’s content sounds very exciting, but in reality, the process requires much thought and many decisions. The Braemar team is here to help you create the plan for you and ensure the process is enjoyable.

You can do the same thing. Even if you don’t have a Houzz page, you can create your own ideabook via Pinterest or even in a scrapbook if  you like something tangible. The goal is to have many, many ideas before you come to the drawing table. The more you have wrapped your head around what you want and envisioned it within your space, the easier and more accurately we can make product, paint, tile, cabinet, feature and accessory choices.

Below we offer some tips to assist you with your redesign. These tips are based on an article titled Homeowner’s Workbook: How to Remodel Your Kitchen by Rebekah Zavaloff, published on the Houzz site. While the article intends to focus on kitchens, these tips can work for any room in your home.

9 Steps to a Room or Home Remodel

Step 1: Think about what you need

This is where your ideabooks come into play. The more you have been thinking about what you want, the easier everything will be. Think about your family’s lifestyle. Consider what you already like about the room and think about the things you’ve always wanted. Find pictures and ideas everywhere, from magazines to the Internet to HGTV.

Step 2: Research and plan

When boiled down, this step consists of budget and scope. How much do you ideally want to spend? Leave some wiggle room because inevitably changes and adjustments to your ideas will occur. Regarding the scope, consider the parameters of the project. What is your end goal as far as aesthetics? What are must-haves (create a priority list) and how long would you like the project to take?

Step 3: Call Braemar

Even people with the most DIY zest are going to need a professional at this point. Unless you are planning to build your own cabinets and possibly rework the plumbing, you will need the Braemar team to guide you with planning, materials selection, contract referral and ensuring the final project is what you had hoped. Getting started is just a click or call away!

Step 4: Schematic Design

This phase (which is a huge part of our process) includes sketches, space planning and preliminary floor plans. This phase helps our clients see the big picture. This is a very logistical and visual/spatial phase, but it is a must to ensure the room ends up as you have envisioned.

Step 5: Fixture and finish specification

This step is often the most exciting for homeowners. At this point, our clients are able to select cabinets, flooring, countertop material, lights, fixtures, paint colors, hardware, appliances, backsplash and more.

Step 6: Design development and construction documents

At this point, we finalize the design and the floor plan. We also consider elevation details and any potential changes with electrical and plumbing.

Step 7: Find a quality contractor

You of course will want a quality contractor to do the work. After all of your dreaming and planning, it’s a must that the space turns out as planned. The Braemar team refers our clients to quality contractors with whom we work and communicate well.

Step 8: Get ready for demo

This step is a big one! After all of that planning which can take 4-8 weeks, you must prepare your space for the renovation. Pack up all of your stuff and move it to storage, and if you are living in your house during renovation, you need to make plans if the construction will disrupt an integral room such as the kitchen. Take the time to organize your things as you pack up so you can easily unpack once construction is finished.

Step 9: Surviving the punch list

Once construction is “over”, the entire team goes back through and creates a final punch list. It’s typical that the contractor will make several visits back to your home after the initial renovation to make final changes and ensure the space is as you had hoped. It’s sometimes hard to survive the punch list because you are so ready to experience your new space, but believe us, you want everything to be just right.

Whew! Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Redesigning any space in your home is time-consuming but so rewarding and it’s what we do best at Braemar. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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