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Maximize Your Studio Space

Studio Space Design

In popular metropolitan areas, space is very limited and rent can be astronomical. Many single individuals, couples, and small families elect to utilize a studio apartment space instead of a larger multi-bedroom unit. With careful design planning and a little creativity, a studio apartment can be just as functional and comfortable as a larger space.

6 Tips to Maximizing Your Studio Space

1). Get creative with storage: With only one room, you have limited storage in a studio apartment, but with a little innovation, you can create plenty of space for your belongings. Make sure you have a high bed so you can utilize the space underneath. If your bed doesn’t offer built-in drawers or shelves, you can create your own by using bins, baskets, and tubs that will slide underneath. We at Braemar also offer shelving, cabinets, and storage units that maximize space and offer significant storage along the walls and within living areas.

2). Separate your “rooms”: Even though a studio is typically one large space,  you can still section it off so it feels like you have different rooms. Use shelving units, screens, and other types of dividers to make your own little living areas. This way, you won’t feel like you’re eating dinner in your bedroom or looking at the bathroom while trying to work at your desk.

3). Use multi-purpose furniture: If you like to entertain visitors, purchase a comfy futon to use as your day-to-day couch and as a bed for family and friends. If you need an ottoman, foot stool, or bench, try to find one that opens up and offers storage inside. If your space is very limited and you only have room for one table, buy one that’s sturdy and large enough to serve as both a desk and an eating surface. You can quickly move your folders and laptops to set the table for dinner.

4). Purge often: It always feels great to clean out drawers and cabinets or to take several bins of items to a consignment store, but it becomes a necessity when you live in a small space. Make it a daily or weekly habit to purge different sections of your home. If you haven’t used an item in several months or you can’t even remember where it came from, toss or donate it. Constantly clean out filing drawers which can quickly become overrun with outdated paperwork and bills. Not only does purging open up more physical space, but it also feels therapeutic.

5). Stay organized: If ever there’s a time to become and stay organized, it’s when you’re living in a studio apartment. Use cabinets and shelving units to organize dishes, clothing, collectibles, cookery, books, etc. When you know exactly where things are, the small space doesn’t seem so overwhelming. If you’ve never been great at staying organized, now’s the time to learn.

6). Be thankful: A major benefit of living in a small space is it propels you to get outside. When there’s not a ton of room inside, it offers you the opportunity to explore your city, see the sights, meet friends, and try out local establishments. Sometimes having a very large house with everything you need inside can be a hindrance to seeing the world. Big, well-equipped homes sometimes encourage folks to be hermits or couch potatoes. Be thankful for your tiny space. It will help you be an adventurer!

The benefits to living in a fun, bustling city are huge but living in this environment can quickly drain the change purse. If your budget or desires lead you to a studio apartment, follow these tips to maximize room and minimize anxiety.

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