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It’s Time to Deck the Halls

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone. So long to pumpkins and cornucopias and hello to Christmas trees and garland. Many households have already trimmed the tree and completely decorated while others are adding finishing touches. Regardless of when you and your family deck the halls, this special holiday tradition is always a fun and festive time of the season.

Everyone has a different take on decorating. Some like to follow a color scheme, others use some type of theme and still others go the traditional route with all sorts of colors, lights, wreaths, and other various holiday paraphernalia. It seems that when young children are involved, the latter is often the choice. I know that’s the case with the Braemar team.

Despite which route you take when decorating, there are several areas of one’s home that are a must when it comes to decking the halls. No matter if you’re going for a winter wonderland theme or using the colors of your favorite sports team, everyone typically decorates the following areas.

The Front Door

50 Stunning Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas - Style Estate -

Take a drive through any neighborhood and you will see a realm of front door decorations. Some families don a simple wreath while others go all out with garland, lights and vintage sleighs.

Decorating the front door is a longstanding tradition and wreath hanging goes back centuries. Throughout history, the wreath has offered symbolism for various cultures, countries and religions. In present day, wreaths are often hung as a sign of welcome and holiday cheer.

Whether you make your own extravagant wreath with material and bows or you weave together fresh greenery with twine, any type of wreath paired with other holiday decorations will create a festive and beautiful front door.

The Mantel

Mantel ideas for your newly renovated home by Braemar

A fireplace has symbolized domestic life for generations. The fire is where families cook, get warm, and bond over storytelling and conversation, so it’s no surprise that the fireplace would be important when decorating for the holidays. Furthermore, it’s always been fun to decorate the very spot where Santa will arrive to bring toys and goodies to the children in the home.

In modern times, the fireplace is still the focal point of the main living space, so it’s typically one of the most decorated areas of one’s home. With stockings, candles, greenery and lights, a home feels cozy and cheerful with a mantel ready for the holidays.

Vanessa Bruner from offers great tips for decorating the mantel in her article Decorating the Mantel: Create a Fireplace Focal Point. Whether you want to use symmetry, variation or display a collection you already have, Bruner gives great advice about decorating a mantel with purpose and intention.

The Christmas Tree

Make the Christmas tree the focal point of your newly renovated space done by Braemar located in Alexandria, VA.

Last but certainly not least, what would the holiday season be without a Christmas tree? No other decoration or festive decor item compares to this beautiful and integral component. Trimming the tree has been a family and village tradition for hundreds and hundreds of years.

For decades, folks used real candles to trim the tree and would only light it on Christmas Eve. Things have certainly changed these days with some families decorating their tree as early as mid-November, but through the years, one thing has not changed. The Christmas Tree is truly a special part of the holiday experience.

From hiking through a farm to select the perfect tree to playing Christmas carols while pulling out special and nostalgic ornaments to wrapping presents to nestle around the tree trunk, there’s something magical and indescribable about a Christmas tree.

Many people these days opt for an artificial tree as opposed to a real tree which is totally fine. Both types of trees have their advantages and pitfalls, but both types achieve the goal of making the home glow with warmth.

Right now most people are focused on decking the halls, shopping for gifts and preparing for the holiday season. And for many families this means a decorated front door, a gorgeous mantel and a stunning tree.

Remember, however, that all decorations have a greater impact when on a beautiful canvas, so perhaps it’s too late this year, but consider contacting Braemar for any home renovation or redesign you are considering so that next Christmas, not only will your decorations be amazing but your home will be as well. Happy holidays!

*The featured photo of the Christmas tree limbs was provided by photographer Tina Masciarelli.

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