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How to Choose the Right Color For Your Bathroom

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How to Choose the Right Color For Your Bathroom

Even though a bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a home, it’s one of the most utilized. Renovating a bathroom can significantly increase the value of a home and upgrade the aesthetics and comfort for homeowners. While all renovations are exciting, they come with decisions and challenges. Every little selection can be an effort, but with the help of a Braemar designer, the experience becomes less stressful and more fun.

With the space of a bathroom being limited, color truly matters. The paint color of a room can drastically impact mood and ambiance. Below are several tips to help you decide which paint colors are best for your bathroom.

1). The rule of three: When choosing colors for your bathroom, consider the rule of three. Chose one neutral, one rich color and one accent, relying on the 70/20/10 distribution, respectively. The color scheme will offer both energizing and uplifting effects.

2). Be bold: Since a bathroom is small, it wouldn’t be hard to paint again if you didn’t like your original idea, so why not go bold in the first place? If you want to be adventurous with color, the bathroom is the perfect space. Homeowners embrace all types of funky color schemes when it comes the bathroom.

3). Remain neutral: If you’re not a risk taker in regard to color, you can combine two neutral colors, using a 70/30 proportion. This adds a level of dimension while maintaining a feeling of relaxation. To add some excitement, you can include unique tile or countertops.

4). Don’t be afraid of the dark: Try and remain unafraid by dark colors.  Some people feel a darker hue will overwhelm a small space and choose lighter, brighter colors instead. That’s not the case, however. Dark paint colors can add a cool and contemporary feel to a bathroom.

5). Balance: One fun design concept is to balance out the look and feel of your bathroom. Perhaps use a neutral paint color with funky geometric wall paper on an accent wall. Or if you use a loud color, incorporate clean, white cabinets. There are numerous ways to find balance while creating a stunning space.

6). Go organic: If you like an earthy feel, choose neutral, organic colors like browns, light blues and greens. These nature-inspired colors offer a clean look and pair well with hard edges and geometric shapes.

If you’re selecting paint colors on your own, consider these tips before meeting with your designer. In contrast, if you feel overwhelmed by the process, your designer will narrow the selections and make the process more manageable. The most important thing is to enjoy the experience. It’s not every day you get to create the bathroom of your dreams.

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