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Hot trends in kitchen renovation

Patterned Kitchen Back Splash

Home renovation is an ever-evolving topic and industry. Designers and homeowners alike love to play with styles, colors and layouts to create a new and fun look. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen, a bathroom or another space in your home, today’s options for redesigning your home are limitless. Today on the Braemar blog, we share what’s hot in the world of kitchen renovation.

1). Mix & match appliances: Gone are the days where every appliance needs to be the same. It’s common to find stainless steel in the same space as a black or red appliance. Folks are being adventurous these days with their stoves, fridges and other appliances. Not only does this make a space more edgy, it adds color and dimension as well.

2). Gray beauty: Gray has become the new white when it comes to kitchen renovation. White cabinets are still very popular with today’s homeowners, but gray is a close second and is becoming more and more trendy. The neutral nature of gray pairs very well with dark woods and brightly-colored accessories.

3). Creative cabinetry: Cabinets take up the majority of wall space in a kitchen, so cabinet manufacturers work hard to keep things exciting. No longer do cabinet doors simply swing back and forth. Today’s cabinets hinge in all types of places and ways, allowing cabinet doors to roll, swing and slide. This enhances both the decor and functionality of a kitchen.

4). Funky lighting: Lighting options for any room are endless and lighting can especially add to the look of a kitchen. Whether you hang funky pendant lighting above the sink or install a modern, oversized chandelier in the middle of the room, lighting can be a budget-friendly way to add a lot of style to a space.

5). Maximum storage: Any homeowner knows how important storage and organization is to any room. With so many kitchen tools, appliances and toys, storage is specifically important for a kitchen. Today’s kitchens include large, deep drawers and other unique storage options to ensure everything has a place and everyone has peace of mind.

At Braemar, we can help you with all of these kitchen trends. Our designers will work with you to create the room you’ve envisioned. We’ll also assist you with materials selection to ensure your kitchen is gorgeous and functional. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your new space.

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