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What’s hot in home decor for 2017

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Thinking about a home renovation? It’s not too late to jump on the “what’s hot in 2017” train. What’s trending in home decor right now is awesome and gorgeous and will hopefully stay in style for quite a while longer. Below are a few of these hot trends currently popular with homeowners of all types.

Geometric patterns: If you’re bored with basic solid colors and prints, try out a fun geometric pattern on your walls or upholstery. Shapes of all sorts add a funky feel to any room.

Natural lighting: This one seems to always be on the list, thankfully. Who doesn’t benefit from beautiful natural light streaming in a room? If you’re room feels dark and dreary, try and figure out a way to open it up by adding a window or skylight.

Jewel tones: Think of an emerald, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, and other beautiful gemstone colors. These deep, rich colors are all the rage right now. Spice up a kitchen or bath with these earthy colors that are sure to be eye catching for any visitor.

Wood accents: Along with natural light and jewel tones, homeowners are embracing another organic element, wood. Wood accents such as mirrors, clocks, hangings, and centerpieces offer a comfortable yet stylish feel to any room in a home. In fact, many folks seek pieces made with ultra local wood for even more sustainability and connection to natural surroundings.

Black stainless steel: Basic stainless steel appliances have been in style for many years now. They are solid, durable, and offer a high-end, contemporary feel to a kitchen. Now, black stainless steel has come to the forefront. Black stainless steel provides the same durability but adds a warmer, richer feel to a room.

Savvy cabinetry: Gone are the days where cabinet options only consisted of a long row of cabinets that opened and shut. Today’s cabinetry offers realms and realms of choices, wood types, and styles. Not only are there more exterior options than ever, the inside of modern cabinets offers storage and organization galore. The team at Braemar are cabinet specialists and would love to tell you more about the many options out there.

Bold front doors: This is a fun one. Have you driven down a road and immediately noticed a red or royal blue front door on an otherwise drab house? Fun and bold front doors have maintained popularity for some time now. It’s an easy, inexpensive design change that makes a big impact.

As you can see, some of the hot trends for 2017 are new while others have been on the list for a number of years running. Whatever your personal style and taste, these options will add beauty, comfort and allure to any room in your home. Call Braemar today so we can get started on your renovation plans. We look forward to hearing from you!

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