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Home decor trends for 2018


A new year brings new possibilities and vision for your home. Trends in home decor evolve and shift from year to year. In today’s Braemar blog post, we offer top home design trends for 2018, so get out those sketch pads and start pinning on Pinterest. It’s time to have some fun.

1. Circle patterns. Whether it’s a throw pillow, blanket or wall hanging, circles are going to be popular this year. Perhaps they represent fluidity and promote relaxation.

2. Tone on tone. What is tone on tone? This is where a wall and a signature piece of furniture are the exact same color. The contrast would come from the knobs, handles or some other accent on the furniture. This offers a very unique type of dimension to a room.

3. Brass. The popularity of brass comes and goes with the times. This shiny metal is in demand this year. Maybe you want a brass doorknob or a a brass faucet. Either way, you’ll be in style.

4. Unique colors. In years past, low-key neutral colors like white and gray have been popular. This year unique colors, such as olive green or lavender are all the rage.

5. Moodier elements. Dimmers on your lights, rich paint colors, dark woods and curved or velvet furniture. All of these components and more, add a sensual mood to a room.

6. Natural aspects. Nature is so gorgeous on its own, why not bring more of it indoors? This may mean using limestone in your bathroom or creating larger window spaces to take advantage of nature’s glorious sunlight.

7. Woven textures. Items such as baskets and other woven treasures will continue to be popular in 2018. These objects give homes an artsy, international flare.

8. Colorful trim/molding. Traditionally, we think of colorful walls with white molding. The new trend is white or gray walls with colorful molding. This offers a classy, unique feel while contributing color in a unique way.

10. Tile. Fun tile is in for 2018. Perhaps it’s black and white checkered or Subway tile used as backsplash. Whatever your taste, be a little whimsical this year with tile.

11. Artisan fixtures. Handcrafted and locally-made pieces not only contribute significant to the decor of a room, but they also add a high-end, artistic feel. Further, they serve as great conversation starters.

12. Velvet furniture. It may not be for everyone, but velvet upholstery is a hot trend for 2018. Not only does it feel lovely to the skin, but it offers warmth and rich hues to a room.

13. Bold patterns. Add some pizzazz to any room with bold patterns on pillows, upholstery or wall hangings.

This may sound like a lot, but at least you have plenty of options. You may not use all of these suggestions at the same time because it could make a home too busy and strap the budget, but combining some of these would create a stunning home that’s in line with popular decor trends. If you’re ready to redesign a room or your entire house, give Braemar a call. Our designers are ready to create the home of your dreams.

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