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Typically when homeowners are redesigning or remodeling a home, they think of big items first such as cabinets, appliances and windows. But often times, the beauty is in the details. Once the main decisions are made, you can have some fun selecting accessories to create the room you’ve envisioned.

It’s impressive how small items can make a significant difference in a room. A good designer knows how to use lighting, rugs, frames, mirrors, wall hangings and other pieces to create a comprehensive ambiance.

With that being said, there must also be a balance. The right accessories can contribute greatly to a room but if you try and include too much, the room can appear cluttered. Follow these tips to ensure your renovated space has just the right amount of accessories.

Tips for selecting home accessories

 1). Quality over quantity

Don’t get too crazy buying accessories for your new space. Always think about quality over quantity. A handful of lovely, well-made accessories will add more to a room than an over abundance of cheap pieces. So when you’re selecting signature items, always think about quality over quantity.

2). Textures and colors

It may be a little bold to buy colored appliances and cabinets, but you can add pops of color with your accessories. Stay neutral or even-toned with larger items then add some fun hues in the smaller things. Textured accessories also add a lot to a room.

3). Accessory sizing

Think about the size of a room before selecting accessories. A rug that’s tiny can look strange in a large room or a huge, extravagant mirror will look odd on a small wall. When choosing items, just consider if they will organically work with the size of the “canvas”.

There are other tips, tricks and ideas when selecting accessories for a new space. The Braemar designers are highly skilled at decorating rooms so they are beautiful and functional. Give us a call today so we can get started on your redesign.

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