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4 Basics to Create an Outdoor Oasis


The first day of spring has come and gone and before we know it, sultry summertime will be here as well. To ensure your home is ready for summertime fun, now’s the time to prepare because as they say, ‘Preparation is everything.’ There’s something about an outdoor space that’s soothing to the spirit. Imagine soft lighting, comfy outdoor furniture, someone playing a guitar, kids laughing, and a nice glass of wine in hand.

Are you feeling relaxed?

We hope so and remember, making this a reality is easier than you think. Your outdoor space should be ready and waiting when that first mild evening comes along. You may be wondering how to create an outdoor oasis. The Braemar team is here say it’s not nearly as challenging or expensive as one would think. With appropriate planning and creative design, your own backyard will become the place you crave more than anywhere else.

The basics

  1. Location: Before the design phase can begin, you must decide where this outdoor oasis is going to be located. You may be a lucky homeowner who already has a clear outlined area equipped for a fire pit and yard sofas but if not, spend some time figuring out where would be the best place. Ensure it’s roomy enough but not obtrusive to other home and garden activities. If it’s possible, also try and find a quiet area.
  2. Maintenance: You nor any of your guests will be comfortable if grass and weeds are prickling your calves and knees all day or evening. Once you decide on your space, lay some brick, outdoor carpet or other type of material to flatten the area so it’s conducive to furniture and relaxation. If you already have a patio area or deck, this won’t be an issue, but if you’re creating a space in the middle of a lawn, try and find a way to flatten it out and maintain the overgrowth.
  3. Furniture: Some furniture will clearly be needed so folks can sit and unwind. You can often find great sales on outdoor furniture. Another option is to visit consignment, thrift and antique shops for re-purposed items that will not only save money but will add some character as well.
  4. Decoration: Once your basic space is set, it’s time to decorate a little. If nothing else, string some lights and use a few colorful potted plants. This is really all you need to create a calming and comfy atmosphere. Some folks go far beyond this, but plants and lights alone will certainly get you started and will be plenty decoration for many folks.

The four basics above are all you really need to create an outdoor oasis. Some homeowners also like to include an outdoor kitchen or cooking area so someone isn’t constantly running in and out of the house. At Braemar we offer a number of storage and cabinet options to help design an outdoor kitchen. Not everyone has the budget for this luxury but if you can swing it, we highly recommend it. With furniture, a kitchen, lovely lighting and great company, you won’t have to step in the house for hours.

Summer is closer than you think. Is your outdoor space ready? If not, call Braemar today so we can get started.

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