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5 Tips for Beach Cottage Renovation

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking time during the summer months to relax on the coast. The seashore has offered rejuvenation and relaxation for generations of people. Little else soothes the spirit like the sound of the waves and the sea breeze. Those of you who own beach homes or cottages know how important it is to keep them updated and renovated.

While the coast is a glorious place to spend some time, the salty air, water, humidity and sand can wreak havoc beach houses. First and foremost, be sure you are taking care of the foundation, plumbing, and bones of your home. Also,  most people rent out their beach homes or cottages, so it’s important to modernize the house and equip the place with solid furniture, cabinets and storage. With these thoughts in mind, below are some tips when renovating your beach house or cottage.

5 Tips to Consider When Renovating Your Beach Cottage

  1. Enhance the gathering space: There’s something about being on vacation that results in everyone congregating in the same area. Whether cooking, playing games, or watching a movie, there’s often one primary space in a beach home where the family gathers. Make sure this space has adequate room, comfortable furniture, storage for entertainment items, and good lighting.
  2. Make it techy: It’s endearing to think that people still go on vacation to read, mediate, play cards, and talk to one another, and while hopefully these activities are happening, at least one person in the house will need access to Wi-Fi and other technological accommodations. Be sure that potential renters or vacationers are not turned off because the place is antiquated in terms of technology.
  3. Paint light and be nautical: Make your beach home breezy and relaxing,  not dark and dreary. In most beach homes, even white walls with bright pillows and decor pieces would be better than brown or crimson walls. Have fun with nautical themes. While giant shells and wallpaper with beach umbrellas are out of style, you can be modern with a bamboo surfboard on the wall or using a trendy sailor theme.
  4. Stock the cabinets: One annoying thing for vacation renters is entering a beach home that is not equipped with all of the kitchen pots, pants and utensils a person needs to make big, family dinners. Folks already have to find room for sand toys, bikes, beach chairs, luggage and umbrellas, they shouldn’t also have to pack crock pots and cutting boards. Ensure your kitchen is installed with beautiful cabinetry that holds everything a family would need to cook delicious meals that lead to lasting memories.
  5. Offer adequate storage: You won’t need a ton of storage since most beach renters don’t stay longer than a week, but the storage you do have should be appropriate and in the right locations. Make sure the gathering space has appropriate storage for board games, movies, and other necessities for entertaining. Also, ensure each bedroom has just enough storage so that folks don’t have to live out of their suitcases for the week.

Part of a quintessential summer is spending time on the coast. If you’re a person who is considering beach cottage renovation, call Braemar today to create the perfect space for homeowners and vacation renters.

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