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Factors to Consider When Updating a Bathroom

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is the most popular room in a home to update and renovate. We can’t shut the door and hide this room like we can a messy bedroom or a cluttered laundry room. Furthermore, most guests are alone when using the facilities, so they have time to take a look around and think about what they see, unlike when they are in other rooms and are busy eating, drinking and socializing.

And for the homeowners themselves, a bathroom is a very personal space, more so than probably any other room. Think about all that happens in a bathroom. It’s an intimate space that’s used to cleanse, prepare for the day or get ready for a special life occasion.

For these reasons and more, it’s important that our bathrooms are at their best, both aesthetically and functionally. Many updates and renovations can take place on a small budget, so don’t let the money factor stop you. Small changes can make a significant impact. If you are thinking about updating your bathroom, below are several factors to think about.

Factors to Consider When Updating a Bathroom

  1. Budget: It’s kind of annoying to have to think about money first and foremost, but you’ll be happy in the long run when you have a beautiful bathroom and have spent within your means. Once you have a general budget, the design team at Braemar can help you with the design process and purchasing materials.
  2. Colors: Because painting typically happens before tiling, installing new appliances or adding finishing touches, it’s important to make color decisions an early priority. Do you want your new bathroom to be bright and lively or mellow and relaxing? Deciding on colors first will then help you determine tile, cabinets and accessories.
  3. Shower or Tub: Because a shower or bathtub takes up significant room, it’s important that you select what’s best for you and your family. If no one takes a bath, a shower alone will save space. If you have a large bathroom, perhaps you can have two separate units, which many people often prefer. If you decide on a tub, how large would you like it to be? If you decide on a shower, do you need one or two shower heads?
  4. Sink/Vanity: Similar to the shower/tub decision, really think about  how and when the sink is used. Do you need two sinks? Will one suffice? Do you want a pedestal or do you need storage underneath? The size of the bathroom often affects the type of sink and vanity that can be installed. Braemar’s design team can help you maximize space while achieving the look you are envisioning.
  5. Cabinets: Cabinets are our specialty at Braemar, so we especially look forward to this part of the renovation process. Whether  you need under-sink cabinets, hanging cabinets or a cabinet unit, we have a variety of beautiful options to choose from. If you need significant storage in your bathroom, we can ensure that becomes a reality as well.
  6. Lighting: The options for lighting are seemingly endless. If you’ve never renovated a room, you may not realize how many lighting options there truly are. In a bathroom, especially, a variety of lighting is often needed. You may want bright vanity lights for applying make-up, recess lighting for a relaxing bath and pendant lighting for everyday use. Again, depending on your desires, our designers can help you select the types of lighting that will best suit our needs.
  7. Tile and flooring: These two components are not always one in the same. Traditionally, tile has been a popular choice for a bathroom floor, but some folks actually prefer wood or even carpet. While tile is often the easiest to clean, it can potentially be unsafe underfoot. Depending on your needs and design goals, we can help you find the flooring you need. Also, tile is now often used on walls and in the shower. There are a plethora of flooring and tiling choices, so like the other factors, it’s very beneficial for you to enter the first design meeting with some ideas of what you would like.
  8. Accessories: Once the bulk of the renovation has taken place, you can then relax and enjoy deciding on accessories such as curtains, shades, light fixtures, towel rings and mirrors. Before and during the renovation process, be collecting ideas on Pinterest, in magazines and from other resources. This will give our designers a clear picture of the final product you are hoping for.
  9. Sustainability and safety: Depending on your personal preferences and the needs of  your family, there are other factors you may need to consider. If you are considering sustainability, there are numerous “green” options for your new bathroom. If safety is an issue for your or someone in your family, we will certainly consider that and renovate accordingly.

Renovating any room in a home is fun, but the bathroom is especially rewarding because it’s such a personal space for a family and one that is used by many people. The bathroom often takes less time to renovate than other, larger rooms so the construction phase is shorter and you can enjoy your new space sooner. If you’re ready to begin bathroom remodeling in the Northern Virginia area, call Braemar today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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