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Entryway trends for 2019


When it comes to leaving an impression, a memorable entrance is a must.

Think about the front door and entryway of your home? Is it unique and eye-catching or dull and bland? Giving your entryway a facelift is one of the simplest and cost-efficient ways to add decorative flare to your home. Additionally, revamping entryways is a top design trend for 2019.

Take a look at the suggestions below. The Braemar designers are highly skilled at transforming spaces. Bring your entryway ideas to us and let’s get started.

A front door that pops: Gone are the days of boring front doors. Today, homeowners are using everything from glass to repurposed barn wood to create a front door that’s not only functional but also elegant and beautiful. Further, if you can include a window in your front door, go for it. Natural light will offer a lovely glow to your entryway.

Lighting: If you’re going to spend money on an amazing light fixture, the entryway is the place to do it. For evening get-togethers or holiday parties, a beautiful light hanging just inside the doorway will wow visitors and offer a warm welcome.

Savvy storage: If your family is busy and constantly on the go, you may still need adequate storage or a drop-off area in the entryway. If so, there are a plethora of storage unit options on the market today. Don’t stress yourself out by making the entry pleasing to the eye but annoying to the nerves. Our designers are highly skilled at creating a lovely space that still serves all its purposes.

Color: If you have a small entryway that you would like to section off from the rest of the room or home, use a different paint color to do so. Smaller rooms and spaces are perfect for bright, exciting colors that may be too flashy for larger areas.

Mirrors: While you want your entryway to be stunning and leave a lasting impression, it still needs to be functional. Add a hanging mirror so family members and guests can check their appearance when coming and going, or perhaps hang a collage of different mirrors to offer even more décor and utility.

An entryway is a fun space to decorate and re-design. Give Braemar a call today to schedule your initial consultation. Our designers are ready to work with you.

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