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Enhance your kitchen with adequate storage

Storage for Kitchens

Enhance your kitchen with adequate storage

During the pandemic, people have stayed home more than ever before. The COVID-19 era is allowing individuals to assess what is important in their worlds. Additionally, homeowners are evaluating their living spaces and access to adequate storage, or lack thereof.

During the heat of quarantine and after, many people stretched their culinary prowess and enjoyed trying new recipes. To feel successful as a home chef, it’s helpful to have a kitchen that is well organized. Modern cabinetry offers a realm of possibilities when it comes to savvy elements or add-ons. Below are some of the most popular storage amenities in today’s kitchens.

Acrylic drawer organizers: These unique drawer inserts are made from ¼” clear acrylic and are built to a drawer’s dimensions. Customers can select a design or create their own. The benefit to this insert is the acrylic is dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned and sterilized.

Custom drawer systems: Today’s systems are designed for both metal and wood drawers. Loose cutlery and cooking utensils can become an utter mess in a draw, but a draw system will help keep them organized for easier use. There are many designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find the exact organizer you need to efficiently store your smaller kitchen items.

Blind corner organizer: These units are specifically designed to maximize storage capacity of your blind corner cabinets. They incorporate pivot, pull and slide technologies. Available in a variety off materials and finishes, you and your designer will find the blind corner organizer that’s perfect for your space.

Knife block organizer: To cook well, one needs excellent knives, but knife blocks take up significant room on a counter. Moreover, haphazardly placing knives in drawers can be a safety hazard. A knife block organizer is perfect for those tall thin cabinets that are useless for more bulky kitchen items, such as pots and pans.

Gentle drawers: There is no banging around in today’s kitchens. Modern drawers offer functionalities such as push-to-open and gentle close. Both of these elements make opening and shutting drawers easier and quieter. This is perfect for early risers or night owls who don’t want to wake the rest of the family while using the kitchen.

Interior cabinet pullouts: These are designed for base cabinets and feature adjustable shelves and full-extension slides for freedom of movement. No more reaching, squatting and digging. Not only do the pullouts bring the cabinets out for easier access but they enable more organization so you can find that certain pot or pan you are looking for.

Tandem pantry organizers: If you have a small pantry, tandem pantry organizers would be perfect for you. They are shelving units that attach to doors or pull out from the interior shelves. This functionality will add significantly more storage to your pantry and will help you keep dry goods more organized.

With so many storage options available, there is no need to be disorganized in your kitchen. Our Braemar designers are highly skilled at assessing a kitchen’s space and helping the client organize using various elements and systems. Your kitchen should be a sanctuary, especially if you love to cook. Contact us today so we can make that a reality.

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