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8 Tips to Maximize Creativity in Your Craft Room

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Being savvy in the DIY world has become trendy over the past decade. This has led to a resurgence of crafting. Many of our grandmothers and mothers are skilled at knitting, quilting, sewing, needlepoint, and other creative tasks. Now there’s a new generation talented at these same creative skills and additional ones, such as monogramming and scrapbooking. It appears the concept of living simply is re-emerging and along with that, families and individuals again enjoy making their own clothing, decorations, gifts, and other items.

Additionally, the worlds of blogging and social media have ignited a community of DIY gurus. There are thousands of folks on their keyboards and behind camera lenses each day sharing tricks and tools for being artsy and creative. No longer is a lengthy class or workshop needed; a quick Pinterest search offers all the information we need to create whatever we want.

With arts and crafts being a significant component of today’s society, it’s no wonder a need for better and storage and organization has also emerged. Families are now renovating rooms and spaces into craft or sewing rooms, so fabric, needles, thread, and painting supplies aren’t strewn around other areas.

If you’re ready to maximize productivity in your craft room, follow these tips offered by Braemar’s design team.

8 Tips to Maximize Creativity in Your Craft Room

  1. Wide and deep storage: With many crafting supplies being of odd shapes and sizes, ensure your storage units, cabinets, and drawers will accommodate you items.
  2. Ribbon by color: If you use ribbon for crafting, organize by color so you can always find the color you need.
  3. Magazine holders for card stock and paper: Magazine holders will keep your paper varieties and card stock upright and smooth.
  4. Peace and quiet: Crafting is often a meditative, calming activity. To maximize productivity and enjoyment, try and locate your craft room away from noisy areas of the home.
  5. Deliberate organization: You may have to take a break from crafting for a couple of days, but spending time organizing will be worth it in the long run. Spend adequate time organizing all supplies, then when the time comes to create, you will be able to find what you need quickly.
  6. Jar odds and ends: Use glass pickle and canning jars for odds and ends. Save them after use, wash them thoroughly, then use them to store ribbon pieces, buttons, and other miscellaneous items.
  7. Comfort: Be sure to utilize the correct furniture. Equip your craft room with stools of the right height, a large table with sturdy, sufficient space, and chairs that are comfortable and support your back. There’s often a lot of leaning over and looking down when crafting. If your body feels happy, your mind will be more creative.
  8. Outside the box: Think outside the box when designing a room or space for crafting. You can use short racks, hanging racks, baby wipe containers, baskets, oatmeal containers, tool boxes, tackle boxes, and other quirky items to store large and small craft supplies.

We’ve offered eight tips to get you started on creating your perfect crafting space. We have further ideas and tips depending on the size and shape of the room and your budget. Our team especially loves helping clients maximize storage and organization. Call us today so we can create the craft room you’ve envisioned.

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