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Now that school is in full-swing, students of all ages are coming home with homework. If you’re a parent to multiple children, this time of day can become overwhelming and chaotic. And even if you just have one child, sometimes homework takes a significant chunk of time out of the afternoon. Not only are there some tips that will make this time of day easier, but you can also create a space that fosters a calm, studious environment.

First, let’s talk about some ways to reduce the tension surrounding homework time. We consulted a number of educational resources to offer you the below tips.

Tips to reduce homework stress:

  • Establish a routine: Children and adolescents crave structure. With their help and input, designate a certain time each afternoon for homework. Once it’s established, stick to it.
  • Create a homework/study area: If possible, create an area where homework is completed every day. Be sure it is well-lit and equipped with any supplies your children may need. Also ensure you have storage that organized (more on that in a minute).
  • Limit distractions: Intense background noise such as TV, music with lyrics, and cell phone rings and beeps can be very distracting, especially if the student is working on a difficult assignment or if your child is already prone to inattentiveness. Instrumental background music at a low volume is typically okay, but even mellow noises can interfere with some children’s ability to concentrate.
  • Assist with organization: Help your children understand that by managing time and being organized, they will be less stressed and ultimately rewarded with more time for the activities they enjoy. Help your students use a planner or agenda to stay on top of their assignments.
  • Give them the lead: Though you should always be there to help, encourage, and provide what they need, children and adolescents should have choice in their homework routines and show ownership of their academics. If it seems like you’re hitting a wall with homework success, seek advice from teachers and other parents, use a lot of praise and offer reward incentives.

Now that we’ve offered some advice regarding easing the stress on you and your children, let’s talk about creating a space that’s conducive to completing homework successfully.

Suggestions for the perfect homework space:

  • Find the right place: As stated earlier, find a place in the home that is away from distractions and a lot of noise. It doesn’t have to be an entire room; a section of a room will work perfectly fine.
  • Embrace natural lighting: If at all possible, pick a space that has a lot of natural light. Natural light is better for the body and brain. If natural isn’t possible, at least ensure the space is well-lit so students are straining to see.
  • Include a sturdy table and chairs: Obviously if your children are trying to work, they need a good, solid table that will allow them to do so. This may be one large table in the middle of the space or several smaller desks or tables. Students also need chairs that are comfortable but not too cozy. Work with what you have to offer tables/desks and chairs that help your children feel like it’s “study time” and not “relaxation time”.
  • Utilize storage and stay organized: We all know in our minds that organization is important but many of us struggle to live this thought out. When it comes to school and a  homework space, storage and organization are both essential. The Braemar team can offer a number of storage units and cabinet options to make sure you have the space and segmentation you need to stay on top of paperwork, assignments, and projects.

Homework is an important component of a child’s overall schooling experience, and parents are key players in ensuring a space is offered in the home that allows students to complete their work. Call Braemar today so we can help you create the perfect homework space for your family.

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