Custom Cabinetry Showroom for Kitchen and Bath

Create a luxurious bathroom with these 5 tips

White Bathroom Designs

Gone are the days when bathrooms were merely a functional part of one’s home. Today’s bathrooms are sleek, stylish and comfortable. The bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in a home. Furthermore, it’s often the room observed most keenly by guests because they’re in there alone. With a strategic design plan, we’ll create a luxurious bathroom and most importantly, we can do it without breaking the bank.

Backsplash: Traditionally thought of as a kitchen component, backsplash can also add style and color to a bathroom. Liven up the vanity area with bright mosaic hues. Not only does backsplash contribute to the decor, it also helps protect walls from water damage and staining.

Paint: Be selective when choosing paint for your bathroom. What are you going for? Do you want your bathroom to be warm and comforting or funky and unique. Choose paint that corresponds with your overall design vision.

Lighting: Natural lighting is the most stunning component of any room. If you have a nice window in your bathroom, ensure it’s not covered with dreary blinds or drapes. While natural lighting is great, you often have to cover your windows in a place where you change clothes and bathe. Further, at night you need lighting for all of your bathroom needs. Whether you go with pendant lighting, recess lighting or another type, there are numerous options on the market. Our design team will help you find the perfect fixtures for your new space.

Cabinetry: A bathroom can be a wonderful storage space if you’re selective with your cabinetry. Historically, bathrooms aren’t a space we think of when considering cabinets, but modern bathrooms are different. At Braemar, we have thousands of cabinet options, so whether your bathroom is small or large, we can find cabinetry that offers storage and style.

Flooring: Similar to paint and cabinetry, old bathrooms were faithful to tile and linoleum flooring, but why not add to a bathroom’s ambiance by including hardwoods or hypoallergenic carpet? Flooring options are limitless these days, so if you desire something different, we’ve got it.

Your renovated bathroom should be everything you hoped and dreamed it would be. Why not make your bathroom both functional and beautiful. Call Braemar today so we can get started on your new space.

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