Tiny Home, Huge Storage

Owning a beautiful home with many rooms and square footage aplenty has always been part of the American Dream. But a modern movement is changing the landscape of real estate and new home construction. Many people now desire homes that are small but efficient, homes that do not require a huge footprint but still offer all that a person or family needs. If you’ve ever seen the show Tiny House Nation, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Of course, some of those houses are insanely small and could never accommodate a family of four or more, but the ‘bigger is not always better’ philosophy embraced by the show is catching on. With the popularity of the show consistently growing, it seems the viewing public is intrigued with this phenomenon. When it comes to current homeowners, people want to go smaller for a number of reasons. 3 Reasons for a

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remodel your bathroom

New Year, New Home

Happy New Year, friends! Now that 2016 is here to stay, many individuals and families are considering taking on bathroom or kitchen renovations or redesigns. January, February and March are wonderful months to plan and implement renovations. There are no significant holidays or school breaks during these months and travel is usually held to a minimum. The beginning of the year is especially a great time for smaller renovations that don’t require walls to be torn down. The cold and snow won’t even be a concern. Why not renovate now so you can thoroughly enjoy your new space when spring and summer arrive? Perhaps financing or a limited budget are preventing you from getting started with your project. Did you know that you can update your kitchen and bath with minimal changes and a very small budget? The design team at Braemar can assist you with this process. We can work

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Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Space

Back-to-school season is in full swing all across the country and fall seems closer by the minute. Along with kids settling into the routine of the school year comes the hectic madness and hustle of morning and afternoon activity. With sports, lessons, carpooling, and attempting to squeeze in a meal here and there, one’s house can become an utter mess in no time at all. But do not worry because with a little planning, forethought and some help from the Braemar team, you can very easily change your family’s life from chaotic to calm. Storage Solution Tips for the New School Year The enter/exit zone: Along with school comes backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets, band instruments, sports equipment and more. All of these things must have a place to go. Many homes have a mudroom where the family enters and exits. Mudrooms are perfect for storage solution units. The unit should

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Designer for Braemar Cabinetry

When it comes to incorporating cabinetry into your space, we know our stuff! We believe it is time for us to share our knowledge with the world and inspire others to turn their house into a home by maximizing the space you have through design, renovation, and expansion. Whether you are looking for the latest trends and styles, advice on how to select cabinets, solutions for space planning or just general cabinetry  knowledge, we have got you covered.  Have a question not answered in our blogs, feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help!