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Stay Organized During the Back-to-School Hoopla

The back-to-school season is in full swing all over the country. From billboards to commercials to community events, everyone is promoting this fun and exciting time of year. With that being said, the start of school can quickly feel chaotic if a family doesn’t stay on top of things at home. A great way to ensure everyone feels calm during this season is to use storage units and cabinets to sort, store, and organize school supplies, backpacks, sports gear, paperwork, and other items. Below are a few tips to stay organized as your students begin a new school year. Utilize a Drop-Off Zone All children need a place to drop backpacks, sports gear, band instruments, and other items as soon as they walk in the door. Some homes have a mudroom that’s great for this purpose. Other families use the garage if it’s directly adjacent to a living space. If

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5 Tips for Beach Cottage Renovation

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking time during the summer months to relax on the coast. The seashore has offered rejuvenation and relaxation for generations of people. Little else soothes the spirit like the sound of the waves and the sea breeze. Those of you who own beach homes or cottages know how important it is to keep them updated and renovated. While the coast is a glorious place to spend some time, the salty air, water, humidity and sand can wreak havoc beach houses. First and foremost, be sure you are taking care of the foundation, plumbing, and bones of your home. Also,  most people rent out their beach homes or cottages, so it’s important to modernize the house and equip the place with solid furniture, cabinets and storage. With these thoughts in mind, below are some tips when renovating your beach house or cottage. 5 Tips to Consider

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Let Storage Solutions Help You Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Does your family strive to reduce, reuse and recycle? If so, kudos to you! It’s a well-known fact that our earth is a finite resource, so the more people taking care of it, the better. Whether it’s oil, natural gas, or fresh water, there’s only so much to go around. Additionally, pollution and waste that never biodegrades also contributes to the decline of our earth’s natural bounty. With all of that being said, thousands of people are still not reducing, reusing and recycling. If you’re one of those people, the team at Braemar can help you, and if you are already working to protect our earth, we can make your efforts more efficient. But first, we want to share some interesting points as to why some people are still choosing not to recycle. Top Reasons Many People Don’t Recycle No personal incentive It’s inconvenient Lack of desire to be “green”

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Braemar Showcases Masterbrand Cabinets: Schrock

At Braemar, we represent the absolute best in kitchen cabinets. We partner with Masterbrand to provide our clients with quality products. Currently, we offer cabinetry from Schrock, Decora′ and KitchenCraft. While each brand presents a different style, all three are renown in the industry and honor a tradition of manufacturing well-crafted, highly-functional products. Throughout a series of upcoming blog posts, we’ll feature each of our three brands. Today we highlight Schrock,  a leader in schrock cabinetry founded in 1961. For five decades, this brand has manufactured stunning cabinets with skill and care. The Schrock legacy begins five decades ago when two brothers from a town in Arthur, Illinois had a vision to manufacture kitchen and bathroom cabinets with the same handcrafted care as their Amish neighbors. Schrock Brothers Manufacturing was then formed, and while the name has changed to Schrock Cabinetry, the brand is still committed to the excellence of

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You’ve booked your consultation. Now what?

When renovating your home, it’s always exciting to make the initial appointment with the design team. We at Braemar love meeting our clients for the first time and digging into the plan and goals of the renovation project. If we haven’t partnered before, you may be curious to know what happens during the initial consultation. We’ve worked to develop a strategic process that welcomes input from everyone at the table and ultimately leads to a solid design plan. Pre-planning Initial consultations typically take place at the Braemar Kitchen and Bath studio located in Old Town, Alexandria. Many of our clients come to the meeting with coffee in hand or leave and enjoy lunch with a friend or spouse to excitedly talk about bath and kitchen design ideas. We encourage our clients to attend the first meeting with some ideas in mind. What are  your overall goals for the renovation/redesign? What

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Kitchen and Bath Design Trends: What’s New

As everyone settles into the new year, many homeowners are considering renovations and redesigns. During the planning stages, it’s helpful to know the current kitchen and bath design trends in the industry. We’re not all interior designers so for most people, it’s helpful to get a little inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, blogs and the designers at Braemar. And while your goal may not be to keep up with the Joneses, it’s always nice to wow visitors and family when they come over for a visit. To help you plan your renovation or home redesign, we’ve combined our knowledge with current trends to offer you helpful design tips Color Trends Are you stick of chocolate brown and taupe? The new versatile color is gray. All shades of gray are in this year so pick a shade you like and run with it. Black, white and organic hues are also in. Decor

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remodel your bathroom

New Year, New Home

Happy New Year, friends! Now that 2016 is here to stay, many individuals and families are considering taking on bathroom or kitchen renovations or redesigns. January, February and March are wonderful months to plan and implement renovations. There are no significant holidays or school breaks during these months and travel is usually held to a minimum. The beginning of the year is especially a great time for smaller renovations that don’t require walls to be torn down. The cold and snow won’t even be a concern. Why not renovate now so you can thoroughly enjoy your new space when spring and summer arrive? Perhaps financing or a limited budget are preventing you from getting started with your project. Did you know that you can update your kitchen and bath with minimal changes and a very small budget? The design team at Braemar can assist you with this process. We can work

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3 Reasons to Call Braemar for your Home Redesign

The thought of renovating one’s home is very exciting, but the reality of it is something quite different. While it’s exhilarating to envision ideas, select materials and plan the layout, it can also be tedious, overwhelming, costly and time-consuming. Because of the multi-faceted process it requires to redesign a room, Braemar offers a full array of services. Our goal is to guide our clients in a way that alleviates the negative emotions and emphasizes the positive. Many homeowners have the desire the renovate or redesign a space in their home, but without the help of professionals, the process can become daunting. We have heard many people say that when trying to renovate a room on their own, the decision making process was simply mind-boggling. Unless you are a contractor or have significant skills in the areas of design or carpentry, we suggest you call us to ensure your redesign is 

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It’s Time to Deck the Halls

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone. So long to pumpkins and cornucopias and hello to Christmas trees and garland. Many households have already trimmed the tree and completely decorated while others are adding finishing touches. Regardless of when you and your family deck the halls, this special holiday tradition is always a fun and festive time of the season. Everyone has a different take on decorating. Some like to follow a color scheme, others use some type of theme and still others go the traditional route with all sorts of colors, lights, wreaths, and other various holiday paraphernalia. It seems that when young children are involved, the latter is often the choice. I know that’s the case with the Braemar team. Despite which route you take when decorating, there are several areas of one’s home that are a must when it comes to decking the

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Designer for Braemar Cabinetry

When it comes to incorporating cabinetry into your space, we know our stuff! We believe it is time for us to share our knowledge with the world and inspire others to turn their house into a home by maximizing the space you have through design, renovation, and expansion. Whether you are looking for the latest trends and styles, advice on how to select cabinets, solutions for space planning or just general cabinetry  knowledge, we have got you covered.  Have a question not answered in our blogs, feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help!