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Braemar Showcases Masterbrand Cabinets: Schrock


At Braemar, we represent the absolute best in kitchen cabinets. We partner with Masterbrand to provide our clients with quality products. Currently, we offer cabinetry from Schrock, Decora′ and KitchenCraft. While each brand presents a different style, all three are renown in the industry and honor a tradition of manufacturing well-crafted, highly-functional products.

Throughout a series of upcoming blog posts, we’ll feature each of our three brands. Today we highlight Schrock,  a leader in schrock cabinetry founded in 1961. For five decades, this brand has manufactured stunning cabinets with skill and care.

The Schrock legacy begins five decades ago when two brothers from a town in Arthur, Illinois had a vision to manufacture kitchen and bathroom cabinets with the same handcrafted care as their Amish neighbors. Schrock Brothers Manufacturing was then formed, and while the name has changed to Schrock Cabinetry, the brand is still committed to the excellence of its roots and continues to bring warmth and beauty to homes across the US.

Schrock offers a ‘FourEver Quality Assurance’ promise. The four components of this promise are:

Beauty: Schrock cabinets have a subtle, classic beauty that blends with home decor of all types. Whether you’re renovating a 19th century house or building a modern abode, Schrock cabinets will add beauty and grace to any room.

Function: This brand’s cabinets are highly functional. They strive to offer innovation to every room. Schrock cabinets are surprisingly smart on the inside and are often equipped to store household, personal and electronic items in ways that make busy lives easier.

Strength: Throughout the decades, Schrock has created strong, durable products. Their cabinets possess unmatched strength with a load-bearing back. Modern kitchens often store heavy pans, skillets, and dishes, so it’s important to have cabinets that can support the weight of these items.

Performance: Schrock cabinets have a number of unique features that make them a leader in the industry. Some of these features include no-slam closing on cabinet doors, versatile drawers, roll trays, and pullouts. Schrock cabinets have always been known for their lasting and efficient performance.

Schrock ensures the FourEver Promise in each product.  We’re proud to offer Schrock products at Braemar Kitchen and Bath. If you desire a cabinet line that has stood the test of time in regard to both style and quality, Schrock may be the line you’ve been looking for. Contact the Braemar team today or visit our showroom so we can begin the process of fitting your home with the cabinets you’ve always envisioned.

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