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3 Reasons to Call Braemar for your Home Redesign

The thought of renovating one’s home is very exciting, but the reality of it is something quite different. While it’s exhilarating to envision ideas, select materials and plan the layout, it can also be tedious, overwhelming, costly and time-consuming. Because of the multi-faceted process it requires to redesign a room, Braemar offers a full array of services. Our goal is to guide our clients in a way that alleviates the negative emotions and emphasizes the positive.

Many homeowners have the desire the renovate or redesign a space in their home, but without the help of professionals, the process can become daunting. We have heard many people say that when trying to renovate a room on their own, the decision making process was simply mind-boggling. Unless you are a contractor or have significant skills in the areas of design or carpentry, we suggest you call us to ensure your redesign is  done well.

We love our clients, and we strive to stand out from our competition in meaningful ways. If you are considering a home redesign, there are several reasons we recommend Braemar.

Top 3 Reasons to Call Braemar

1). In-house designer: Unlike some businesses in the industry, we have an in-house designer. We felt partnering with our own designer was essential in order for a project to be cohesive and seamless from point A to point B. Other businesses similar to Braemar simply offer cabinetry advice and installation, but with a designer on board, we help our clients renovate the entire space and ensure that all materials, appliances, accessories and cabinets coordinate and work well together.

2). Visual plans: Most people are very visual and cannot truly conceive the final outcome merely by talking about it. At Braemar, not only do we offer our clients detailed plans and elevations but we also offer 3-D renderings that show a very realistic display of what a room can potentially look like. We find that providing a variety of visuals helps our clients feel confident in their planning and decision making.

3). Contractor relationships: Just as we offer in-house design guidance on the front end of a project, we also provide guidance when it’s time to begin construction. Braemar has developed relationships with a number of renown and highly-skilled contractors in the Northern Virginia and DC area. After the planning, design and material selection phases, we can refer you to someone we trust to complete the renovation.

Braemar is so much more than simply a kitchen and bath cabinetry studio. We offer support and expertise throughout the entire renovation process. Contact us today for a consultation and let’s get started creating the room of your dreams.

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