Patterned Kitchen Back Splash

Hot trends in kitchen renovation

Home renovation is an ever-evolving topic and industry. Designers and homeowners alike love to play with styles, colors and layouts to create a new and fun look. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen, a bathroom or another space in your home, today’s options for redesigning your home are limitless. Today on the Braemar blog, we share what’s hot in the world of kitchen renovation. 1). Mix & match appliances: Gone are the days where every appliance needs to be the same. It’s common to find stainless steel in the same space as a black or red appliance. Folks are being adventurous these days with their stoves, fridges and other appliances. Not only does this make a space more edgy, it adds color and dimension as well. 2). Gray beauty: Gray has become the new white when it comes to kitchen renovation. White cabinets are still very popular with today’s homeowners, but

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Tips for decorating a great room

With school back in session around the country, thoughts are shifting from summertime to fall. And with fall, comes football season, holidays and a lot of entertaining. Of all the rooms in a home, a great room is often most conducive to large gatherings and social functions. In decades past, most homes were chopped up into rooms, but modern  houses offer some type of great room which combines the living room, kitchen and dining areas to varying degrees. These types of spaces allow multiple activities to happen while allowing family and friends to remain together. Whether your home already has a great room or you would like to create one, decorating this space can be a little overwhelming. Follow the Braemar tips below to create a space that’s beautiful and functional. Tips for decorating a great room Accent color: When deciding on colors for your great room, choose an accent

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Tips to renovating a powder room

A powder room can be a gem in one’s home or it can be a forgotten little room no one uses. This small bathroom, typically on the main floor, is a great place to have a little fun with design. With that being said, you have to be careful. This tiny space can go from glam to tacky very quickly. Follow the tips below to create a beautiful powder room both homeowners and visitors will love. Have fun with style and design: This small space is perfect for quirky or unique designs. Allow it to be your little experiment, the place where you take design chances you wouldn’t take in other, larger rooms in the home. Maybe you want a nature theme, a nautical theme, or a city-scape theme. Perhaps you want to use that funky wallpaper you’ve been eyeing or adorn an entire wall in mirrors. Maybe you’ve found

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White Bathroom Designs

Create a luxurious bathroom with these 5 tips

Gone are the days when bathrooms were merely a functional part of one’s home. Today’s bathrooms are sleek, stylish and comfortable. The bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in a home. Furthermore, it’s often the room observed most keenly by guests because they’re in there alone. With a strategic design plan, we’ll create a luxurious bathroom and most importantly, we can do it without breaking the bank. Backsplash: Traditionally thought of as a kitchen component, backsplash can also add style and color to a bathroom. Liven up the vanity area with bright mosaic hues. Not only does backsplash contribute to the decor, it also helps protect walls from water damage and staining. Paint: Be selective when choosing paint for your bathroom. What are you going for? Do you want your bathroom to be warm and comforting or funky and unique. Choose paint that corresponds with your overall design

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Tips to renovating a sunroom

Very little compares to the wonderful feeling of basking in sunlight, so why not make this possible year-round? With a sunroom, homeowners and guests can enjoy the benefits of the sun without having to be outside, so “outdoor entertainment” becomes an activity for all seasons as opposed to just a couple. Natural light itself also offers a number of benefits including decreased electric bills, vitamin D and aesthetic appeal. Renovating a space into a sunroom is not as complicated or expensive many folks think. You may have an existing porch you want to enclose or you may want to build a completely new addition. Either way, Braemar’s design team will help you create and manifest your design vision. Below are a few renovation and decorating tips when it comes to sunrooms. Keep the design vibe: Even though a sunroom offers unique and specific luxuries, try and keep the design vibe

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What’s hot in home decor for 2017

Thinking about a home renovation? It’s not too late to jump on the “what’s hot in 2017” train. What’s trending in home decor right now is awesome and gorgeous and will hopefully stay in style for quite a while longer. Below are a few of these hot trends currently popular with homeowners of all types. Geometric patterns: If you’re bored with basic solid colors and prints, try out a fun geometric pattern on your walls or upholstery. Shapes of all sorts add a funky feel to any room. Natural lighting: This one seems to always be on the list, thankfully. Who doesn’t benefit from beautiful natural light streaming in a room? If you’re room feels dark and dreary, try and figure out a way to open it up by adding a window or skylight. Jewel tones: Think of an emerald, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, and other beautiful gemstone colors. These deep,

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4 Basics to Create an Outdoor Oasis

The first day of spring has come and gone and before we know it, sultry summertime will be here as well. To ensure your home is ready for summertime fun, now’s the time to prepare because as they say, ‘Preparation is everything.’ There’s something about an outdoor space that’s soothing to the spirit. Imagine soft lighting, comfy outdoor furniture, someone playing a guitar, kids laughing, and a nice glass of wine in hand. Are you feeling relaxed? We hope so and remember, making this a reality is easier than you think. Your outdoor space should be ready and waiting when that first mild evening comes along. You may be wondering how to create an outdoor oasis. The Braemar team is here say it’s not nearly as challenging or expensive as one would think. With appropriate planning and creative design, your own backyard will become the place you crave more than

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Living Room Design

5 Top Reasons Every Kitchen Needs Natural Lighting

When renovating your kitchen, there are many decisions to be made. From cabinetry to paint color to hardware and more, homeowners spend a significant amount of time making choices. No matter the bells and whistles you desire, “natural lighting” should be on everyone’s list. While the market offers numerous lighting options these days, nothing compares to the warm, inviting light of sunshine. So when making your other decision, try and incorporate or maximize natural light as much as possible. On the Braemar blog today, we offer five reasons to include natural lighting in your kitchen. 5 Top Reasons Every Kitchen Needs Natural Lighting 1). Aesthetically pleasing: This one is a no-brainer. Walk into a kitchen laden with glorious sunshine or one hidden away in a dark corridor and most would agree the first kitchen is the more beautiful of the two. Sunlight dancing off kitchen counters, appliances, and surfaces is

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Seminary Road Bar

Plan Your 2017 Home Renovation Now

Are you considering a home renovation in 2017? If so, now’s the time to plan. It’s hard to believe Christmas is around the corner and year’s end is only weeks away. Before we know it, we’ll be counting down to midnight and ringing in a new year. If you’ve never renovated a space in your home, you may not realize the process can take four to eight weeks and that may not include all of the envisioning and planning that happens beforehand. So if you and your family are thinking about renovating your kitchen, bath, or another room in your home, call the Braemar team today so we can get started. As with any project, large or small, you need a plan. We can help you with the formal design plans, but there are some things you can do on your own to begin the process and clarify your vision.

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Storage Solutions for Home

8 Tips to Maximize Creativity in Your Craft Room

Being savvy in the DIY world has become trendy over the past decade. This has led to a resurgence of crafting. Many of our grandmothers and mothers are skilled at knitting, quilting, sewing, needlepoint, and other creative tasks. Now there’s a new generation talented at these same creative skills and additional ones, such as monogramming and scrapbooking. It appears the concept of living simply is re-emerging and along with that, families and individuals again enjoy making their own clothing, decorations, gifts, and other items. Additionally, the worlds of blogging and social media have ignited a community of DIY gurus. There are thousands of folks on their keyboards and behind camera lenses each day sharing tricks and tools for being artsy and creative. No longer is a lengthy class or workshop needed; a quick Pinterest search offers all the information we need to create whatever we want. With arts and crafts

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Designer for Braemar Cabinetry

When it comes to incorporating cabinetry into your space, we know our stuff! We believe it is time for us to share our knowledge with the world and inspire others to turn their house into a home by maximizing the space you have through design, renovation, and expansion. Whether you are looking for the latest trends and styles, advice on how to select cabinets, solutions for space planning or just general cabinetry  knowledge, we have got you covered.  Have a question not answered in our blogs, feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help!